Bitcoin Loophole Review


Broker Bitcoin Loophole
Website URL
Founded 2015
Headquarters United Kingdom
Support Types Email , Online , Chat , Phone
Trading Platform Web-based Trading Platform | MetaTrader 4
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Minimum Account Size $100
Minimum Trade Amount $25
Maximum Trade Amount $1000
Bonus Tax-Free Profits
Payout From $25
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Deposit Methods Debit or Credit Card
Withdrawal Methods Debit or Credit Card
Types of Assets BTC/USD , BTC/EUR and many fiat currency pairs
Trading Currency USD
Account Currency EUR , GBP , USD , others
US Traders Allowed No
Mobile Trading Yes
Tablet Trading Yes
Overall Score 69


  • Trade on Autopilot
  • Ultra-fast Algorithms
  • Adjustable Settings


  • Unregulated Broker

Bitcoin Loophole Bot Review

Bitcoin has the most market capitalisation and trading volume among all cryptocurrencies. Therefore, BTC is the most liquid, and the only regulated asset, future contracts of which are available to trade globally. Thus, brokerage companies offer the most considerable leverage for Bitcoin assets compared to other cryptocurrencies. That advantage also makes Bitcoin more predictable from the technical analysis point of view, which is based on mathematical formulas. Bitcoin Loophole is one of the automated algorithms, offering ultra-fast orders execution, high reliability and efficiency together with enormous accuracy not available to human traders. The software uses scalping trading strategy, providing analysis of ultra-short-term timeframes, it has comparatively frequent entries during active market hours, and laser accuracy in trade execution. Bitcoin Loophole Bot works with several open positions simultaneously, but it does not hold deals for a long time, cutting losses automatically. That approach is impossible for human traders, especially in the scope of quick reaction on changing market conditions. The trading algorithm generates quite a large number of trading signals, but the option of manual orders execution is unavailable as most of the signals must be executed instantly, otherwise, the risk of loss gets higher. Therefore, the only option to use the Bitcoin Loophole algorithm is auto-pilot trading.

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Is the Bitcoin Loophole Bot Scam or not?

Trading online in the financial markets is involved with a high risk of losing capital. Foreign exchange (Forex), contracts for difference (CFDs) and cryptocurrencies are among the riskiest types of asset classes, while the last one is the most volatile among others. Therefore, potential investors should think twice before investing in any kind of high-risk leveraged products based on margin trading, and start with small amounts in order to see first results before making any conclusions. Moreover, any reliable company warns that past performance does not guarantee future results amid rapidly changing market conditions, and Bitcoin Loophole is not an exclusion. The number of retail brokerage companies jumped recently, which suggests tight competition. Some of them do not shy using such a marketing instrument as blackmailing, posting fake reviews of the largest competitors, calling them scams. Moreover, the financial industry with large financial institutions based on traditional investment strategy found the crypto market as a potentially dangerous alternative to their capital inflows, threatening to grab a significant market share out of the regular system. Some of the institutional investment companies continue naming the whole crypto industry with the market cap exceeding $220 billion the largest scam in the financial sector ever. Although Bitcoin Loophole offers a small choice of available brokers depending on the user’s region, and any monetary authority doesn’t regulate some of them, there are several signs that it’s not a scam. First, the company is available in social media, while 24/7 support is available. Second, Bitcoin Loophole claims that it does not provide financial services as the trading name belongs to Bitcoin LoopHole LTD, a Technology company and software developer. Third, Bitcoin Loophole does not gain on clients’ profits or losses as it’s not a financial services firm, thus, investors should open an account with a brokerage company before using the algorithm. In our case, the bot offered the only broker for the United Kingdom – The website is owned by a marketing company GPS Marketing Ltd based in Bulgaria, while the Processing and Clearing company is Global Top Marketing LTD registered in the Marshall Islands, incorporated under the company No. 93964. has lots of advantages as a broker, including the presence in social media, which is hard to achieve for scammers.

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Opening Account with Bitcoin Loophole Bot

The sign-up form is placed on the right side of the Bitcoin Loophole website main page, and all you need to provide is an email address and full name to get access to the platform. Once, the registration process is done, you get to the trading room, where you may test the trading algorithm on free Demo Account, or proceed with the live account to start trading. The Demo account is restricted to only two assets – BTCUSD and BTCEUR, while the live account version supports several additional fiat currency pairs to trade on. The real trading account is automatically opened with a broker –, and the next step is to deposit. It’s also recommended to go through KYC procedure with to verify your credentials, avoid AML issues in the future and set the account ready for withdrawal. However, that step is not necessary to start trading. The screenshot below shows how the Bitcoin Loophole trading room looks like.

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Let’s have a closer look at two demonstrative parts of the trading room. The demo account page is available on the right side of the menu. The website provides beginners with a short tour to show the main steps and navigation bars. Before exploring the algorithm’s capabilities in real-time trading conditions, you should turn on the trading algorithm as the screenshot below shows. The demo account has $1500 of virtual money provided to check the software and see possible results.

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Right after you turned the algorithm on, it starts opening deals, which appear in Open Trades window once they’re opened. Trading history shows the list of closed positions, while the statistics menu indicates total profits, current balance and the number of winning deals. We made a short test of the demo account and got an impressive result. The overall efficiency was entirely sustainable as the number of transactions in the money was large. If you stopped the software, Bitcoin Loophole algorithm works with current open deals only but does not open any new positions.

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How to Start Trading With Bitcoin Loophole Bot

One of the most considerable advantages of the Bitcoin Loophole Trading Algorithm is that you can set own parameters for the software depending on the individual trading strategy, financial goals and risk appetite. It is highly recommended to do so before launching the software on the real account. The settings page is easy to understand, and it includes main settings such as Trade Stop-Loss and Take-Profit limits, Daily restrictions and limitations for the Maximum number of concurrent daily deals. Investors may also choose currency pairs from the list of assets.

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Once the decision to star real trading is made, you may proceed with the brokerage company. The real account is opened automatically, but you will need to provide additional data, including some documents to identify your personality and verify the account. However, those steps are required before first withdrawal; thus you may start trading after the deposit is done. You need to click the Deposit button, and the website will forward you to the broker’s page.

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The broker’s trading room has additional options for experienced users to trade manually including chart tool, list of assets available to trade with statistics data. Cryptocurrency investors can use this advantage for long-term investments in the crypto market, as well as for analysis and predictions. MetaTrader 4 software is also available to download for experienced users and trading professionals. The platform gives a wide choice of additional analysis and trading instruments. Here is how the broker’s trading room looks like.

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Once all of the settings are done, all you need is to push the auto-pilot button to start the trading algorithm working for you. After the trading process is launched, you may monitor the bot’s activity and analyse the trading history as well as watch the list of current open positions in real-time conditions.

Bitcoin Loophole Bot Review – Conclusion

Although Bitcoin Loophole website promises an enormous daily profit of $14000 with minimal initial investments, which looks a bit unachievable at first sight, the Demo Account test showed sustainable and efficient performance with rather frequent entries and ultra-short-term trading period. The Robot is affiliated with an unregulated broker, which raises questions, however, the whole crypto industry is not regulated yet, while that did not stop the sector to grow the market capitalisation to $220 billion. The nature of the crypto market suggest high volatility, thus, past performance cannot guarantee future results. Nonetheless, the Bitcoin Loophole algorithm showed impressive results on the Demo account in current market conditions. An essential recommendation would be to start with something small and see first results before depositing significant amounts of money in Bitcoin Loophole Bot.

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