Plus500 Review

Plus500 Review

  • Top Ranked UK Broker
  • Trade All Asset Classes
  • State-of-Art Trading Platform


  • No deposit or withdrawal fees
  • Low spreads
  • Guaranteed stop losses & limit orders
  • Trade 24/7


  • No direct market access
  • No Scalping
  • No Social Trading Service

What is Plus500 Trading Platform?

Plus500 UK Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 509909), based in London and is a popular choice for traders. There is no commission on trades, maximum leverage is 1:30, markings start from 25%, spreads are variable depending on the currency pair price for forex pairs, and there are no deposit or withdrawal fees. In this Plus500 review, we are going to cover the main features of this Broker as well as compare it to other players on the market. 

Plus500 platform is suitable for experienced traders only. Though Plus500 is a very user-friendly platform, CFDs are “complex financial products”, thus the platform is not suitable for beginners/ un-experienced traders.

Plus500 Review |

Plus500 Review |

It is very easy to start trading with Plus500 and you can set up your account in a matter of minutes. You can fund your account via bank transfer, Paypal, Skrill or debit or credit card. With minimum deposit is £100 and no deposit fees, you can join one of the largest trading networks and start trading online straight away.

Plus500 trading platform is available on a computer, all mobile devices with it’s intuitive and easy to use apps, and is one of the first brokers to offer Apple watch trading app. In this Plus500 review, we tested all the most popular devices and can report that the platform works perfectly well on all of them. 

Plus500 WebTrader platform is simple to use and clutter-free. It requires no download and works well on both your PC or Mac.

Since commencing operations in 2008, Plus500 became one of the pioneers of the trading industry and has on its account the following achievements:

  • Plus500 was the first one to introduce Bitcoin and Ethereum CFD into the market.
  • Plus500 is one of the few trading platforms that offer CFD trading on options.
  • Plus500 was one of the first CFD brokers to offer guaranteed stop loss on trades.

Here also worth mentioning because of the very high standards of their service, Plus500 takes a very scrupulous look at the newly subscribed customers. One can open a Demo account and practice their skills there without any issues, but when it comes to the real money account Plus500 will ask you to fill out a questionary and actually reserves a right to decline the account opening if they feel that your knowledge is not quite there yet. 

Plus500 Review – CFD Services

Before going into more details about the company we need to stress that Plus500 is a CFD broker and offers a very convenient and interactive platform to trade or open CFD (or contracts for difference) positions. Main benefits, of course, being that you can trade on the falling prices as well as on rising prices of the instruments. If you are looking to invest in the assets, which you wish to hold for longer periods, hoping that they will grow in price with time, then you need to choose a different service provider like an exchange, for example. Read this comprehensive Plus500 review to learn more about this CFD broker and how to Ethereum on its platform. 

Plus500 Review |

Plus500 Review |

Plus500 is one of the largest CFD brokers which gives you access to a diverse choice of financial instruments to trade including cryptocurrencies, stocks, options, forex, indices, and ETFs. This Plus500 review will provide you with the essential information you need to know before you start trading Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. 

Broker Fees

Plus500 trading platform charges the below fees/commissions for trading, which we fond very modest comparing to other brokers elaborate fee structure. 

Premium –  “Premium” is an overnight fee, either added or subtracted to/from the account if the position is left open after a certain time – the “Premium Time”. 

This time varies from instrument to instrument and can be found in the “Details” link next to the instrument’s name in the main screen of the platform.

Inactivity Fee – If you are inactive on the platform for a period of three months a fee up to $10 will be taken from your account. This is to offset the cost incurred in making the service available, even though it has not been used. The fee will be only be collected from the Real Money account if you have sufficient available funds. If you want to avoid paying this fee simply log into your trading account from time to time, this seems to be enough to count for the sufficient activity.

Guaranteed Stop Order – a feature that many brokers do not offer, is offered for a charge at Plus500. If the position closes at a particular Stop Order, indicated by you, you will be charged this fee.

Rollover Adjustment – when a futures contract reaches its expiration date and an automatic roll-over is defined for the position, all such positions and orders are automatically rolled over to the next futures contract. This service is also a subject to a conversion currency fee. 

Plus500 Review – Broker Covered Markets

Plus500 offers access to all major markets and asset classes including cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin, indices, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), stocks, options, forex, and commodities. You can trade almost any listed instrument, on any exchange in the world.

The list of cryptocurrencies that you can trade is as follows: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, Ripple, NEO, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Zcash. You can trade them in the most popular currency pairs including but not limited to GBP, USD, EUR, and others.

Plus500 Trading Platform Overview

The Plus500 platform is very easy to navigate very straightforward and intuitive. There are four main tabs: Trade, Open Positions, Orders and Closed Orders. In the Trade tab, you can choose the asset class you are interested to start trading with. To open a trading ticket just go to the asset you fish to start trading and press buy or sell. On the right-hand side, you get a window with further details. 

Plus500 Trading Platform | EthereumTrading.rpo

Plus500 Trading Platform | EthereumTrading.rpo

Advantages of the Plus500 Platform

Plus500 provides an exciting online trading platform for different types of CFD trades. It covers cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, indices, commodities, ETFs, options and other financial instruments. Customer supports is pretty good available 24/7. The trading platform will suit both experienced traders as well as those who just making their first steps. With demo account available you can practice and learn the basics of trading without risking any real capital.

Plus500 also offers a wide variety of risk management tools and features including guaranteed limit order, guaranteed stop loss, trailing stops and price alerts.

With Plus500 you can trade the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies with almost 24/7 availability.

Plus 500 Trading Platform | Margin and Leverage |

Plus 500 Trading Platform | Margin and Leverage |

Plus500 Review – Regulations

Plus500 UK Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 509909) Based in London. Plus500CY LTD is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Licence No. 250/14). Plus500 Ltd is listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. Since 3rd of January 2018 Pkus500 is also a MiFID II compliant. 

Plus500 Review – Conclusion

We would say that Plus500, is probably, one of the very few brokers, who take their customers so seriously. The information on the platform is very straightforward, there is no sugarcoating, you get what you see kind of service. We found a lot of pros for this broker as opposed to others we have reviewed. Very important that the broker is based in the UK – London, this is not only can help you if things go sideways like capital protection but also if you need proper support or have further questions. Plus500 offers leverage for your cryptocurrency trades, again if you trade in crypto many brokers have removed this service as this market is too volatile. Plus500 offers also very low spreads this is also very helpful! There is no social trading service, you cannot start copying more experienced and successful traders, but with all pros, we still feel that Plus500 is one of the best brokers out there especially for crypto trading. You also can trade Ethereum against Bitcoin! How cool is that!!

On top of the above Plus500 Ltd is listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange, which should give you additional peace of mind. Of course, it may seem like the service geared towards more seasoned trader but looking at the very intuitive platform we feel that the learning curve for a beginner will be very quick and enjoyable with Plus500.

Overall we liked Plus500 trading platform for its easy and simple interface, for being able to use the leverage option easy ways to get in and out of the trades, and of course, the virtual Demo account of £40,000 where you can test your trading skills without spending any money. Once the balance of the demo account drops to 200 EUR (or the equivalent currency amount) or below, the initial demo amount will be automatically reinstated by the system.

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