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Founded 2017
Support Types Email , Phone , Chat
Languages English , German
Trading Platform MT4 | WebMetaTrader | TradeWorks | EuroTrader | Mobile
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Minimum Account Size No Minimum
Minimum Trade Amount $25
Maximum Trade Amount $1000
Bonus Tax-Free Profits
Payout From $20
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Account Types Regular , Ruby , Emerald , Diamond
Deposit Methods Credit , Debit Card , Bank Wire , Other Methods including PayPal
Withdrawal Methods Credit , Debit Card , Bank Wire , Other Methods including PayPal
Trading Currency Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin
Account Currency EUR \ GBP , USD , Other
US Traders Allowed No
Overall Score 84


  • Pre-built Trading Strategies
  • Fast Execution
  • EU-based CFD Broker


  • No Mobile Platform

Bitcoin Code Expert Review

As we all know, cryptocurrency markets showed tremendous growth in 2017 but since then sharply declined. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins have always been extremely volatile and while some investors made a fortune, others lost a lot. As the crypto market matured a bit and went mainstream, we have seen more institutional-like instruments available to the crypto investors. One of the popular instruments in the traditional investment world is automatic trading, which allows to program computer to do technical analysis and automatically place trades. That removes a human (and emotional) element from the equation and allows to make money both in raising and declining markets. Automated trading requires making a large number of smaller trades in order to benefit from market volatility. We have completed this Bitcoin Code review in order to give you an insight into some of the crypto automatic trading software that is currently available on the market.

Bitcoin Code Experts Review |

Bitcoin Code Experts Review |

What is the Bitcoin Code Expert?

Bitcoin Code is an automatic trading robot that sends you signals when to BUY or SELL digital coins. It can also be connected to the CFD broker and to place trades automatically on your behalf. Trading robots usually analyse technical indicators and use various trading strategies to provide recommendations based on the analysis of the price moves. Automated trading software usually works quite well in volatile markets, i.e. when prices go up and down a lot. Such market conditions present many opportunities to buy low and sell high. That allows investors to make a large number of trades and make a small profit on each (or most of) the trades which adds up to consistent returns over time. But automated trading won’t be profitable if there is a market crash and prices of all altcoins are heading south. As with any investments, investing in cryptocurrencies is risky and investors must understand that.

Bitcoin Code Experts Review |

Bitcoin Code Experts Review |

Is Bitcoin Code Expert Scam or Legit?

There is a number of highly contradictory reviews on the web about Bitcoin Code so we have conducted a detailed investigation in order to provide you with independent analysis.

First of all, we would like to point out that it looks like that Bitcoin Code is similar to the Ethereum Code Bot (which we covered in this review). The website looks exactly the same and their trading rooms look identical.

When you visit the website, you can not help but notice the cheesy marketing tactics with very bold claims. You always have to be careful when someone is claiming they made a five-figures profit in 3 days without any effort and all that sort of stuff. Investing in cryptocurrencies, like any other investments, is risky and while prices can skyrocket they can also go down. A good example of that is a decline in prices of all the altcoins in 2018. Also, few people point out that some of the reviews posted on the Bitcoin Code website are not genuine and it is difficult to argue with that.

Bitcoin Code Experts Review |

Bitcoin Code Experts Review |

Of course, that doesn’t sound good but what all most of these reviewers haven’t done is actually registered on Bitcoin Code and completed the onboarding process. It is very easy to open an account with Bitcoin Code (more on that in the following section) but when you want to deposit money into your account, you will be redirected to the SwiftCFD broker account. Actually, when registering with Bitcoin Code you automatically open an account with SwiftCFD, a CFD broker registered in Estonia and not regulated.

Bitcoin Code Experts Review |

Bitcoin Code Experts Review |

The fact that Bitcoin Code is affiliated with CFD broker tells us that this is not a scam, but we definitely think that the company should have chosen different marketing tactic and been more transparent about its affiliation with SwiftCFD.

How to Open Account with Bitcoin Code

It is very easy to open an account with Bitcoin Code Experts. All you have to do is provide your full name, email and phone number. You can use Demo trade first to see how the system works before depositing fund and starting live trading.

However, before you can start trading your cryptocurrency pairs with Bitcoin Code, you need to deposit funds and complete KYC (Know Your Client) with SwiftCFD. You will be asked to submit a copy of your ID and provide proof of address, as well as choose a payment method. That shouldn’t take too long and SwiftCFD onboarding team and support seems to be quite proactive.

Bitcoin Code Experts Review |

Bitcoin Code Experts Review |

Once you deposit your funds with the broker, all you have to do is go back to Bitcoin Code and press Start Trading.

How to Start Trading with Bitcoin Code Experts

In order to start trading with Bitcoin Code, you will need to go to the settings page where you can decide on which currency pairs you want to trade, set trade amount, minimum payout, maximum concurrent trades, daily stop loss, daily profits and maximum daily trades. Once the setup is complete, all you have to do is press Start Trading Live button and that’s it. This Bitcoin Code review won’t be complete without covering trading algorithms and signals. Unfortunately, the Bitcoin Code does not provide much information about the trading strategies it uses or how the algorithms work. All it does is generates BUY and SELL signals and executes trades. Given that, we encourage you it starts with a smaller amount of money and tests the algorithms first before committing larger investments. You have to always remember that with any investments, be it crypto or not, your capital is at risk.

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Bitcoin Code

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Bitcoin Code Review – Conclusion

All we have to say here is that our conclusion would be exactly the same as we had in the Ethereum Code review. We definitely think that the Bitcoin Code Dashboard and the Trading Room could have been made more detailed. We don’t really like bold marketing claims that are made on the website landing page, it all sounds a bit cheesy. We also think there should be more information on ownership and corporate structure. That said, Bitcoin Code Experts is affiliated with CFD broker and that gives us some assurance that investors money should be safe. If you want to give Bitcoin Code a try, start with smaller investment amount to test their trading algorithms first before making larger commitments.

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