AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade Review

  • Highly Regulated Award-Winning Broker
  • Zero Commissions
  • Daily Exclusive Market Analysis
  • Social Trading Platform


  • Fixed & Floating Spreads
  • Competitive swap rates
  • Short Selling
  • Up to 20:1 leverage
  • 24/7 support in 14 languages


  • Higher Minimum Deposit
  • No US clients allowed

AvaTrade Review – What is AvaTrade Broker? 

Today, every individual has an opportunity to benefit from the booming cryptocurrency market and be a part of the growing crypto investors community. There is a large number of trading venues and broker platforms where people can trade and invest in crypto assets, but the quality and the reliability of such platforms is very different.  In our series of Crypto Brokers reviews, we aim to cover the good and the bad of each vendor. With so many crypto-related scams on the market,  we want our members to avoid it. Execution Risk is one of the key areas successful investors should be focusing on. The reliability of the trading platform, custody of client assets, execution speed, trading fees and regulatory framework needs to be robust and have a solid capital base. We have prepared this AvaTrade review to highlight the pros and cons of this trading platform. Is AvaTrade CFD scam or is it legit? What trading profit can I make money with this broker? Read this AvaTrade review to find out… 

AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade Review – About the Company

AvaTrade is an award-winning regulated broker that has been an innovative pioneer in online trading since 2006. The company originally headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, now has more than 10 global offices covering all continents and time-zones. AvaTrade is a broker regulated across 6 jurisdictions from Central Bank of Ireland,  BVI Financial Services Commission, Financial Services Agency Japan (FSA), South African Financial Services Board (FSB), Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), The Abu Dhabi Global Market Authorities Financial Services Regulatory Authority (ADGM – FSRA). AvaTrade UK is one of the most popular brokers in the United Kingdom and is also a sponsor of Manchester City football club, one of the best in the country. 

Today, AvaTrade is a multi-national company with regional offices and client teams in Dublin, Paris, Milan, Sydney, Tokyo and other locations. AvaTrade created a strong community with more than 200,000 registered users (active investors and traders) executing more than 2 million trades a month.  AvaTrade’s trading volume exceeds $50 billion per month offering a professional trading platform for both experienced and beginner investors.  

AvaTrade Review – Platform Features

AvaTrade offers a professional trading platform where clients can invest in stocks, ETFs, Indices, Forex, Commodities and major Cryptocurrencies. AvaTrade is a CFD broker, which means you will trade Contracts for Difference (CFD). The good thing about CFD is that you don’t need to pay a full price for an underlying asset. Instead, you will need to put enough money to cover the spread or a price difference. AvaTrade’s vision is to empower people to invest and trade, with confidence. 

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AvaTrade Trading Platforms

AvaTrade CFD broker offers its clients a number of advanced trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4, Meta Trader 5, AvaTradeGO, AvaOptions, Automated Trading, Web Trading, Mac Trading, Mobile Trading and MQL5 Signals Service. MetaTrader 4 trading platform is well known and commonly used in cryptocurrency trading community. It is very flexible and suited for experienced and novice traders. There is also an automated trading system including MirrorTrader and ZuluTrade. And with ZuluTrade, you can emulate different trading strategies of successful traders. This AvaTrade review won’t be complete if we don’t mention AvaTrade Options, a venue where investors can trade options on the most liquid underlying stocks and ETFs. Options trading strategies require advanced technical skills, but they also offer a very attractive risk-return profile for investors who know what they are doing. 

AvaTrade Review Cryptocurrencies

AvaTrade clients get access to 1000+ assets, margin and automated trading, different analytical tools including price chart and technical indicators, a news feed, Economic Calculator, Earnings Releases, AvaTrade Margin Calculator, Fundamental and Technical Analysis and other tools. This broker also has an extensive library of AvaTrade educational video tutorials and guides. 

AvaTrade Social Trading & Follow

AvaTrade also offers a social trading platform with a large number of professional investors whom you can follow and copy their trading strategies. You can also join one of the professional trading communities where you can share tips and resources for successful investing and trading. There is a number of high-performing cryptocurrency investment strategies including trading Crypto10 Index and individual altcoins. AvaTrade leverage is also available for crypto investors. 

One of the worlds largest social trading platforms, ZuluTrade, ranks AvaTrade at the top spot among its partner broker platforms. If you are interested to learn more about social trading, we can encourage you to read this ZuluTrade review

AvaTrade Cryptocurrencies Universe

AvaTrade was one of the first brokers to pioneer cryptocurrency trading. It offered access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other popular digital assets and attracted s large and loyal client base. AvaTrade cryptocurrency trading platform is robust and reliable, and today investors can get exposure to Crypto 10 Index, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, EOS, Ethereum, IOTA, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO and Stellar. 

AvaTrade Review Cryptocurrencies

AvaTrade Trading Fees 

AvaTrade doesn’t charge any commissions or exchange fees and offers competitive tight spreads on open positions. Spread is a difference between Buy and Sell price of the underlying instrument. Spreads are usually affected by liquidity on the market and the better the liquidity, the better spread you get. The low minimum investment amount is one of the reasons so many individual investors choose to trade this financial instrument. Professional Investors can also take advantage of flexible leverage that can be up to 20:1 on various CFDs. You can also take advantage of AvaTrade leverage with financing costs vary depending on the asset class. 

AvaTrade Review Trading Fees

AvaTrade Free Demo Account

For the Beginner investors, AvaTrade offers a great feature of a FREE Demo Account. You can start investing immediately with $100,000 virtual cash and try different strategies before committing real money. Just go to AvaTrade Sign Up page to open your Free account. Demo accounts can be a good way to familiarise yourself with the platform risk-free before deciding if it works for you or not. While writing this AvaTrade review, we tested both Demo and Real Money accounts and can report positively about both. 

AvaTrade Review Trading Terminal

AvaTrade Mobile Trading

Today, in the ever-changing world, you need to stay on top of all the market moves and trends and have access to your trading terminal on the go. For mobile investors, AvaTrade UK has developed a user-friendly and convenient trading app which you can install on your Android or iOS devices. Now you can monitor your portfolio and execute trades from anywhere in the world. So how did it go in our AvaTrade mobile app review? We found it to be good enough to offer full mobile trading capacity for both beginner and experienced traders. The compatibility with all the devices also makes the life of its customers easier. 

AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade Forex Review

AvaTrade has been a pioneer in the forex trading market which is by far the largest in the world with a daily trading volume exceeding $6 trillion. In the past, the forex market was available only to the largest institutions but thanks to innovative companies like AvaTrade now individual investors can also take advantage of this growing market. As you know, most of the currency exchange rates are relatively stable at first sight, but they actually fluctuate a lot by small percentage points during the day. Because of that, forex is very popular among day traders who actively trade currencies on a daily basis. By using leverage, you can take a large position by investing a relatively small initial amount and benefit from the full upside. But one also has to be careful when trading with leverage as loss can multiply as well. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular coins considered to be forex as well and are available on the AvaTrade forex platform.

AvaTrade Options

Options trading has been popular among the more advanced and technical investors due to its asymmetric risk-reward profile. An option is a financial instrument that gives you the right to buy (Call Option) or right to sell (Put Option) an underlying asset. There are numerous option investment strategies and AvaTrade Options offers you a great platform where you can implement them. With AvaOption, you can have access to a wide range of analytical tools that can help you to structure your options trading strategy visually. You can view the past performance in the Historical Chart but also check forward-looking projections in Confidence Interval to see where the market might be heading. There are 13 built-in AvaTrade options strategies where you can trade Spot, Calls, Puts and Combinations from one menu, and AvaOption also will automatically reduce the spreads for a combination of strategies such as spreads and risk reversals.

While AvaTrade options platform will be more suitable for advances users and professional investors, we think it’s AvaOption platform is one of the best on the market available for individual investors. So if you are interested to learn more about options trading, you can check our AvaTrade education video tutorials and AvaTrade youtube channel for more information.

How to trade Bitcoin CFD with AvaTrade in 3 Easy Steps? 

So far in this AvaTrade review, we have not come across any negatives in this platform. So what do you need to be able to trade with AvaTrade? The good thing is that customer service experience is really taken seriously with this broker. 

1. Open Free Account 

First, you need to open a free account with the broker. When we were been working on this AvaTrade review, it took us only a few minutes to open an account. Just got the AvaTrade Sign Up page where you will need to provide your full name, email address and telephone number. You will need to verify your email and then can easily log into the AvaTrade web-based platform. You will also be able to download trading software such as Meta Trader 4 & 5 on your PC or Mac. 

AvaTrade Review Cryptocurrencies

2. Deposit Funds 

After you open an account go to AvaTrade Sign In page to log in. You will need to deposit funds using various payment methods. AvaTrade accepts deposits in EUR, GBP, USD and other currencies via Debit or Credit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal or a handful of other popular payment methods. To comply with all the regulations, you will need to complete the Know Your Client and Due Diligence process with AvaTrade by uploading your passport and proof of address. AvaTrade accepts customers from more than 140 countries with a minimum deposit for AvaTrade starting at $500 or equivalent. While the minimum deposit requirement seems to be in the higher end of the spectrum, it also ensures that only serious and committed traders are attracted to the platform. But individual investors can start trade with a minimum of $1 per trade which is highly competitive. One of the common themes in the most AvaTrade customer reviews is super fast withdrawals. Depending on the payment method, AvaTrade withdrawals can be completed in a matter of minutes, almost instantly. 

3. Start Investing

When preparing this AvaTrade forex review, we wanted to test drive its award-winning platform and find out how easy it is to buy Bitcoin or any other digital coins. As you can see, the trading dashboard very user friendly and simple. You can choose which asset class you want to trade or see what are popular trades in different categories are, such as Most Rising, Most Buying, Most Selling, Most Falling and others. 

AvaTrade Review Trading Terminal

You can see your investment portfolio with the performance of each component, have access to Trading Central where you can check Economic Indicators, Forex Related Ideas, read Analyst views and Market Buzz.

How to Buy Bitcoin with AvaTrade

If you want to by Bitcoin or any other altcoin on AvaTrade CFD platform, all you have to do is choose the asset and click Buy. You then choose the investment amount for this particular trade and can also select some of the advanced features such as Execute When Price Hits, Take Profit and Stopp Loss. These features work great to minimise risk and improve the efficiency of your trading strategies. Take Profit allows you to close the position automatically as soon as the profit target per trade has been reached. Thanks to that, you don’t have to be in front of the screen all the time to monitor your open positions. And the AvaTrade margin calculator will help you to manage your risk exposure on open positions if you are also using AvaTrade leverage feature. 

AvaTrade Review How to buy Bitcoin

For the beginner traders, AvaTrade offers a wide range of resources and how-to guides so even if you don’t have any experience in trading, you can be up to speed very quickly. Experienced and Professional Traders will also find a number of useful resources that could be useful for an advanced investor. 

AvaTrade Review Cryptocurrencies

Is AvaTrade Scam or Legit? Our Verdict

We could not complete this AvaTrade review without putting our verdict on the reliability of this broker. We have to admit, when it comes to CFD broker platforms there are so many of them that provide very mediocre service. Many of our readers have been asking, is AvaTrade broker is a scam? Are my assets safe? Can I make money with AvaTrade platform? Our verdict is that AvaTrade is definitely not a scam and can be considered a reliable trading platform. We also had a number of positive feedback from our community of cryptocurrency investors who choose AvaTrade to be their preferred platform. There is also a large number of positive AvaTrade customer reviews on the internet and specialized forums. Its multi-lingual 24/7 support in 15+ different languages can also ensure that clients are well looked after and covered. You can contact the support team via AvaTrade live chat at any time and most of the queries being resolved very quickly in most of the cases. 

Why Investors Choose AvaTrade

When working on this AvaTrade review, we have asked our readers why they choose to invest with this broker and here are the most popular answers

  • The higher initial deposit ensures only senior investor community
  • Benefit from the access to a wide range of top traded cryptocurrencies
  • Competitive swap rates
  • All currency pairs can be shorted
  • Up to 20:1 leverage for trading cryptocurrencies
  • Around the clock service and support in 14 languages
  • Live charts and quotes for your reference and analysis
  • Various trading platforms for all level traders
  • Powerful MT4 Platform and AvaTradeGO, the newly linked mobile app

AvaTrade Review –  Conclusion

In the global league of tier-one CFD brokers, AvaTrade takes one of the leading positions and can definitely be considered a reliable partner. It might not have millions of active users like eToro or Plus500, but relatively high minimum deposit amount insures that only committed trader are attracted to the platform. Investors from 140+ countries can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major cryptos and asset classes, by taking advantage of ultra-low spreads and super-fast execution speed. 

AvaTrade CFD broker also operates in a highly-regulated environment and is approved by more than the largest financial regulators on 6 continents. AvaTrade has amazing investor community and beginner traders can also take advantage of social trading and follow and copy experienced traders and their top-performing strategies. This AvaTrade review won’t be complete if we don’t mention the vast library of educational material and useful resources for both experienced and beginner investors.

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