Bitcoin Revolution


Broker Bitcoin Revolution
Website URL
Founded 2017
Headquarters Estonia
Support Types Email , Chat
Languages English , S[anish , German , Dutch
Trading Platform Jones Mutual
Minimum 1st Deposit $25
Minimum Account Size £100
Minimum Trade Amount $25
Maximum Trade Amount $1,000
Bonus Trade on Autopilot
Payout Any Amount
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Account Types Basic , Silver , Gold , Diamond
Deposit Methods Credit Card , Bank Transfer , Other Payment Systems
Withdrawal Methods Credit Card , Bank Transfer , Other Payment Systems
Trading Methods CFD
Types of Assets Bitcoin , Ethereum , Ripple , Litecoin
Trading Currency Bitcoin , Ethereum , Ripple , Litecoin
Account Currency USD , EUR
US Traders Allowed No
Overall Score 74


  • Good for Beginner Traders
  • EU-based CFD Broker
  • Tight Spreads


  • Algorithms not Disclosed
  • No Mobile App

The Bitcoin Revolution Review

Bitcoin Revolution is a popular cryptocurrency automated trading system that allows to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies on autopilot. Crypto robots have been gaining in popularity recently and many individual cryptocurrency investors start using these crypto bots for trading. In this Bitcoin Revolution review, we would like to provide you with an independent and unbiased review of this trading platform and it’s main pros and cons.

Bitcoin Revolution Review |

Bitcoin Revolution Review |

In 2017, when Bitcoin surged in value going from $4,000 to almost £20,000 per Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market got the attention not only from crypto enthusiast but also from professional and individual investors. Many traders made a lot of money when the price of Bitcoin surged, but many people also lost their investments when the price of Bitcoin crashed in 2018. Currently, Bitcoin trades at around $8,000-£9,000 per Bitcoin and the price remains volatile but relatively stable and even went up considerably in the last few months.

Bitcoin and Ethereum remain the most popular cryptocurrencies and many beginner individual investors become attracted to this market. Another positive sign is that many professional and institutional investors became interested in this asset class which gives us additional confidence that cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere. Recent developments in technology and trading infrastructure now allow many beginner investors to join the crypto trading game and equip them with tools and resources previously available only to a large institution.

So how ordinary investors can start investing in the cryptocurrencies and make money from this hugely popular new asset class?

Ways to Trade Cryptocurrencies

With the Bitcoin price surge back in 2017, it attracted many individual investors who wanted to make money in this new asset class. Cryptocurrencies remain one of the most popular and widely traded assets attracting even more individual investors to the market. There is a number of ways to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies with each having its advantages.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

If you are investing in Bitcoin long-term, you can simply buy and hold it in a digital wallet. Usually, digital wallets are the most secure way to store Bitcoins but if you really need to sell your Bitcoin quickly that might not be the easiest option.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The most popular way to invest in cryptocurrencies is to do it through a crypto exchange. You can deposit funds with exchange using various payment methods and can store all your digital tokens on the exchange. The good thing about such a way of trading is that you can buy or sell Bitcoin instantly. While some exchanges offer only up to 10-15 cryptocurrencies that you can trade, others allow you to invest in hundreds of digital tokens. One major downside of the crypto exchanges its security vulnerability. We have seen many occasions when the crypto exchanges have been hacked and clients digital assets disappear. Given the anonymous nature of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it is not possible to trace such funds and they might have been lost by their offers forever.


Crypto CFD Brokers

Another popular way to trade Bitcoin is with the CFD broker. Usually, CFD brokers won’t invest in cryptocurrencies directly but would allow you to bet on the price move. Since you are not investing in the underlying asset, you don’t have to pay the whole price. Instead, you can trade spread, or Contract for Difference. That allows you to start investing with a lower initial deposit but still get the full upside potential. But it is important to remember that losses can magnify as well. Cryptocurrency trading is considered to be a “high-risk” money activity and your investment can go up and down in value. Never invest more than you are prepared to lose and trade responsibly with the CFD broker.

Bitcoin Revolution Review | Jones Mutual CFD Trading Platform |

Bitcoin Revolution Review | Jones Mutual CFD Trading Platform |

While CFD brokers will mostly have sophisticated trading systems, designed for experienced traders, they also offer tools and resources designed for beginner traders. In some cases, like with eToro Social Trading, you can simply follow and copy the trading strategy of an experienced trader. Or you can use an automated trading system such as Bitcoin Revolution and make money on cryptocurrency trading even when you sleep.

Automated Trading

Forex is one of the most popular markets with trillions of dollars being traded every day. Forex also presents a great opportunity for systematic traders, those who use computers to analyse charts and predict the price moves. Because currency price change is not significant but moves up and down a lot, you can trade only the spread and use leverage. Many traders also use computers to place trading orders and therefore not required to spend all the time in front of the screen. That is also very convenient as even a small price move not in your favour can result in a significant loss. Automated trading is designed to give investors the ability to place a large number of small trades simultaneously and close their positions very fast as soon as the profit target per each trade was achieved. Trading algorithms also have a stop-loss which allows you to instantly liquidate the losing trade. It is unrealistic to expect that all your trades will be profitable, but as long as on average you have more winners than losers, you will still make money.


What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is a crypto trading robot that allows investing in digital assets on autopilot. The way crypto bots work is that computer algorithms analyse certain technical indicators and price moved and make recommendations on when to buy and sell an asset that you are trading (in our case cryptos). The main idea is to buy low and sell high, thus pocketing the profits. These computer algorithms also send trade orders to the broker so once the trading strategy is set, you can just sit back and relax (but don’t forget to monitor the strategy occasionally!)

Bitcoin Revolution Review | Bitcoin Revolution Software |

Bitcoin Revolution Review | Bitcoin Revolution Software |

It is important to remember, that crypto trading robots are essentially day-trading, which means they place a large number of small trades and their holding period is very short (usually from few minutes to hours). The goal is to make many trades and make small profits. So this is why volatile markets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies are very suitable for day-trading. The price goes up and down a lot, there are many opportunities to make a profit.

It is important to remember that investing in cryptos is a high risk, and investments can go up and down in value. The same rules apply to the crypto trading robots – they don’t guarantee profits. It is like with anything in life, if anyone guarantees you something – just turn and go away, as this most likely will be a lie. Even a good Automated trading system will have loss-making trades and occasionally lose money. But the goal is, on average, to make more winning bets than losing ones and make a profit.

It is reported that a decent trading robot can generate 2-3% profit daily which on average accumulates to 20-30% monthly returns. The performance very much depends on the trading strategy, quality of signals and markets conditions.

Is Bitcoin Revolution Scam or Legit?

Because the cryptocurrency market is unregulated and there are many newbie investors starting to trade crypto asset class, we have seen a number of scams that promise astronomical returns, then take peoples money and disappear. While conducting this Bitcoin Revolution review, we tried to determine how legitimate Bitcoin Revolution is and can it be trusted. To do that we actually opened an account with Bitcoin Revolution and have done some test trades.

Bitcoin Revolution Review | Live Profit Results |

Bitcoin Revolution Review | Live Profit Results |

Now, as we explained in this article, they are two different types of crypto trading robots. The first one is usually a web-based trading platform that connects to multiple crypto exchanges and trades directly from the exchange. The other type is crypto bots that are affiliated with CFD brokers.

Bitcoin Revolution is affiliated with Jones Mutual CFD Broker. This broker is registered in Estonia and is not regulated. This not necessarily a bad thing as many CFD brokers use white label solutions so there might be larger entity behind.

Bitcoin Revolution Review | Jones Mutual CFD Broker |

Bitcoin Revolution Review | Jones Mutual CFD Broker |

Another thing that we personally didn’t quite like, is that the landing page of Bitcoin Revolution makes some bold claims like “get rich with Bitcoin”, “insane returns” and “make huge profits by working only a few minutes per day”. However, such tactics are used by most CFD brokers to attract new customers are not necessarily bad.

We think that the Bitcoin Revolution is not a scam but it is always better to try the broker out first and start trading with a smaller amount.   

How to Start Trading with the Bitcoin Revolution

It is very easy to open an account with Bitcoin Revolution and can be done in 3 easy steps.  

Bitcoin Revolution Review | How it Works |

Bitcoin Revolution Review | How it Works |

Step 1 – Registration

All you have to do is to provide your name, email and telephone number. You will be able to see the Bitcoin Revolution Dashboard and access Demo Account. You can run a number of demo trades to get yourself familiar with the system and before depositing funds with the broker.


Step 2 – Deposit Funds

When you open an account with Bitcoin Revolution, it also opens an account with Jones Mutual. In order to start trading real money, crypto investors need to deposit funds with the broker first. Before that, you will need to complete the KYC procedure and provide a copy of your passport and residence address. The good thing about the Bitcoin Revolution is that as soon as you open an account you will receive a call from the client representative. They will take you through the onboarding process, help to determine your level of experience and will help to deposit the funds, which can be done using a credit card, bank transfer, BPay or PayR payment methods.


Step 3 – Adjust Trading Settings and start Auto Trading

Once you opened an account and deposited funds with the CFD brokers, you can set up your crypto trading strategy and main trading settings such as Trade Amount, Daily Stop Loss, Min Payout, Daily Take Profit, Max Concurrent Trades and Max Daily Trades. You can also choose which cryptocurrency you want to trade. With the Bitcoin Revolution, you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.


Bitcoin Revolution Trading Platform

The Bitcoin Revolution essentially uses Jones Mutual CFD broker for trading but you can monitor all the trades that the Bitcoin Revolution makes via its trading room. Jones Mutual offers an advanced trading platform with access to a large number of trading markets. You can run a technical analysis, study price chart and have access to the large library of educational resources. If you want to become a serious Bitcoin Trader we strongly recommend that you spend some time learning the basics of technical analysis and price indicators. You can open Basic, Silver, Gold or Diamond accounts that are designed for Beginner and Experienced traders.

Bitcoin Revolution Review | Jones Mutual Trading Platform |

Bitcoin Revolution Review | Jones Mutual Trading Platform |

Jones Mutual runs a proprietary trading system and does not have mobile apps yet. That could be seen as a downside but given that all trading happens on auto-pilot, we think that should not be much of a problem. If you don’t know how to trade yet, that is what the Bitcoin Revolution trading robot is designed for.

Bitcoin Revolution Trading Algorithm

The trading algorithm usually is a “secret sauce” that all traders keep in secret. As if such trading strategy becomes known to public everyone can use it and it loses its competitive edge. Bitcoin Revolution does not disclose or provide information about it’s trading algorithms, but we understand that it uses technical analysis and trading indicators that are popular in forex trading.


We think that in cases like that, it is better to start trading with a smaller amount in order to test a trading algorithm. If you see that it starts making you the money you can increase stakes gradually. It is always important to remember about risk management when trading and we also encourage you to do that.

Can I Make Money with Bitcoin Revolution

That is one of the most widely asked questions and in this Bitcoin Revolution review we will trade to answer that. Generally, it is reported that individual investors can make up to1-2% in daily profits, or 30-35% monthly, with cryptocurrency trading robots such as the Bitcoin Revolution. We have seen a number of positive reviews, but it is also important to remember that cryptocurrency trading is considered to be “high-risk” money activity and it is also possible to lose money. It is also difficult to make money in a falling market when the price of Bitcoin is only decreasing. But as long as the price is volatile, it still presents a good opportunity for automated trading to make money.

Bitcoin Revolution | Investors Testimonials |

Bitcoin Revolution | Investors Testimonials |

So, our verdict is that you can make money with Bitcoin Revolution but take time to test the trading strategy first.

Bitcoin Revolution Review |Trading Room |

Bitcoin Revolution Review |Trading Room |

Bitcoin Revolution Pros and Cons

The main pro of the Bitcoin Revolution trading platform that is is very easy to set up and start trading. It is suitable for newbie investors who don’t know much about trading strategies or technical analysis. All you have to do is to open an account, deposit some funds, establish some basic setting and start trading. It is also good that the Bitcoin Revolution can not only recommend buy and sell orders but can execute them on autopilot.

Bitcoin Revolution Trading Platform |

Bitcoin Revolution Trading Platform |

The fact that Bitcoin Revolution does not disclose details about trading algorithms is pretty common among crypto robots that are affiliated with CFD brokers, So we don’t see here much of a problem but, as we mentioned, it is always better to start with smaller amounts before you gain confidence.

Another potential drawback is that the Bitcoin Revolution is affiliated with CFD broker that is unregulated. However, the company is registered in Estonia, which is in the European Union and not some off-shore islands in the middle of nowhere.

Watch Bitcoin Revolution platform walk-through

Bitcoin Revolution

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Bitcoin Revolution Review – Conclusion

After completing this Bitcoin Revolution review, our opinion is more of a neutral. We didn’t particularly like the marketing tactics that are used on the landing page, however, the same tactics are used by many other most popular crypto robots. The CFD broker is unregulated but is based in EU, so that should not be much of a problem.

In the meantime, Bitcoin Revolution offers a very simple and easy to understand trading interface. It is suitable for newbie investors who don’t understand technical analysis or indicators and don’t have time to learn them.

Many crypto investors are reportedly making good money with crypto robots such as the Bitcoin Revolution and we think it is worth giving it a try. And to finish this Bitcoin Revolution review, our final advice. Please remember, that as with any investment, when investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptos – your money is at risk. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose and always start with smaller investment first before gaining confidence in chosen crypto robot and their trading strategy. Cryptocurrencies changed the way financial markets work and this new asset class presents great opportunities to make money. So trade responsibly and happy trading!   

P.S. but if you understand trading strategies and technical analysis, you can always use more sophisticated automated crypto trading robots such as Cryptohopper, Zignaly or GunBot.

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