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What is Zignaly Crypto Bot?

Zignaly is a trading crypto robot that allows cryptocurrency investors to trade automatically by using external crypto signals providers. It provides connectivity with TradingView allowing to use indicators or a trading terminal developed in-house to set a full trading strategy from scratch. Zignaly is a new kid on the block and currently in beta-testing mode. As usual, EthereumTrading.pro team have completed this independent Zignaly review to tell you about our experience using this trading crypto robot.

Zignaly Review | Zignaly Crypto Trading Robot | EthereumTrading.pro

Zignaly Review | Zignaly Crypto Trading Robot | EthereumTrading.pro

Is Zignaly scam or not?

As you know, EthereumTrading.pro team is dedicated to providing you with unbiased and independent reviews of all crypto market participants. With a massive rise of Bitcoin in 2017, the crypto market attracted a lot of attention with many ordinary mom and pop investors rushing to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins. While such popularity definitely helped crypto to become more of a mainstream asset class, it also attracted a lot of con artists who are trying to abuse this unregulated environment. We have uncovered a number of Bitcoin scams and always aiming to provide an honest opinion crypto market participants.

So, what about Zignaly? Zignaly was founded in Madrid, Spain, in 2018 by two founders – David Coronado and Bartolome Bordallo. It is offering a cloud-based service that allows day traders to connect to different crypto exchanges via API and place trading orders automatically. While Zignaly is still in a beta-testing mode the platform looks solid and have all the company information available to the public. Also, it is very clear what people are behind Zignaly and have all their public profiles available. So, it is quite clear to us that Zignaly is a professional company that is looking after its reputation. It doesn’t make any bold marketing claims, doesn’t promise rag to riches like some of the other trading robots and offers decent cryptocurrency trading bot.  

Zignaly Review | Zignaly Team | EthereumTrading.pro

Zignaly Review | Zignaly Team | EthereumTrading.pro

Zignaly Crypto Trading Bot  Features

While Zignaly is still in beta-testing mode and many new features will be added in the future, even now it is offering quite a comprehensive set of features that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Zignaly Review | Trade Crypto The Smart Way | EthereumTrading.pro

Zignaly Review | Trade Crypto The Smart Way | EthereumTrading.pro

Zignaly allows to invest in cryptocurrencies on autopilot and at the moment of writing this Zignaly review has the following features.

Cloud-based. That means that you don’t have to worry about any updates or any problems with the system. You can also access the platform from anywhere in the world with internet and computer.

Crypto Signals. You can have access to many Buy/Sell signals from a number of reputable third-party providers such. You can also try different signals to check which ones work best for you.

Zignaly Review | Signal Providers | EthereumTrading.pro

Trailing Stop Loss. One of the most popular trading strategies that are not available on crypto exchanges. It follows the price of the altcoin until the market reverses and then sells. That means that you can enjoy an upside while protecting the downside when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Unlimited Coins. Crypto investors can trade any currency pairs that are available on their crypto exchanges.

Zignaly also offers a TradingView Bot that allows sending your own trading signals by using indicators or Cryptocurrency Signal Finder recommendations. The platform also offers a safe and secure environment. Investors always store their altcoins directly on crypto exchanges and withdrawal right are not needed. This gives an extra piece of mind to cryptocurrency traders.

Zignaly Pricing

Right now, Zignaly is still in a beta-mode and the membership is priced at 9$ per month. It is expected that once the full version is released, the pricing will increase but right now Zignaly is offering an amazing deal to the current and new users. The company promised to “freeze” the price at 9$ for early adopters and maintain it at that level. We think this is a good deal and think is worth joining Zygnaly crypto robot early.

Zignaly Review | Zignaly Pricing | EthereumTrading.pro

Zignaly Review | Zignaly Pricing | EthereumTrading.pro

Crypto investors will be able to enjoy the benefit if access to an unlimited number of crypto exchanges, ability to trade an unlimited number of currency pairs, take an unlimited number of positions and have a priority support. Users will get access to advanced features such as Trailing Stop Loss, Autoclose, DCA ReBuy and many others.

How to Open an Account with Zignaly

The account opening process with Zignaly is very simple and straightforward. All you need to do is provide your name, email address and set up a password.

Zignaly Review | Open Account | EthereumTrading.pro

Zignaly Review | Open Account | EthereumTrading.pro

How to Start Trading with Zignaly

Zignaly crypto robot is a cloud-based platform designed for cryptocurrency day traders. It allows to trade altcoins on autopilot (as a crypto trading bot) or in a manual mode relying on signals when to place a buy or sell orders. Investors can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and any other popular cryptocurrency with the full strategy (open/close) at one place.

Right now, Zignaly allows connecting only to one cryptocurrency exchange which is Binance. As we have explained in our  Binance exchange review, it is the largest cryptocurrency exchange with the capitalization of 1.3 billion USD as of March 2018. It was established in 2005 and is based in China.

Zignaly Review | Binance Connectivity | EthereumTrading.pro

Zignaly Review | Binance Connectivity | EthereumTrading.pro

Zignaly already announced that its team is also currently working on adding new crypto exchanges such as Bittrex, BitMEX, KuCoin and Poloniex. We also anticipate that in the future other major exchanges will be added to the list. 

So, once you registered an account and logged into the trading dashboard, you will have to connect to the exchange of your choice via the API connectivity. The connection process is easy to manage and all you have to do is provide your login details to the exchange.

There is also a number of settings crypto traders need to set up in order to start trading. This includes a selection of base currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or other altcoins; establish the position size, set Buy Price Deviation, Buy Order Expiration, Time Based Autoclose, Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, Take Profit, DCA/ReBuys Targets, Max Concurrent Positions, Minimum Volume and Limit Positions per Market. After connecting to the exchanges and setting up the key parameters the account will be ready for live trading.

Zignaly Review | Zignaly TradeBot | EthereumTrading.pro

This Zignaly review won’t be complete without mentioning an extensive educational library where newbie crypto traders will be able to learn how to create their first position, `create a custom provider, integrate with TradeView and MiningHamster as well as configure basic settings. There is also a detailed FAQ section to cover all aspects of trading with Zignaly crypto bot.

Zignaly Review | Binance Connectivity | EthereumTrading.pro

And this is how an Open Order looks like.

Zignaly Review | Open Order | EthereumTrading.pro

Zignaly Review – Pros and Cons

While writing this Zignaly review EthereumTrading.pro team have registered the beta-version of the crypto trading bot so we have to appreciate that functionality was somewhat limited and connectivity only to one exchange. However, we think that Zignaly team have done a great job and created a good user-friendly platform. The design is nice and sleek and even on the beta version, the functionality was quite extensive.

Zignaly Review | Zignaly Crypto Trading Bot | EthereumTrading.pro

The Pros of Zygnaly position-based trading terminal are as follows…

Zignaly offers access to crypto signal via established providers such as Mining Hamster Signals or Crypto Quality Signals. It also allows sending your own signals from TradingView Bot. The platform is cloud-based and has a secure environment. Also, it is important to remember that all your digital assets are stored directly on crypto exchanges and you are not providing withdrawal rights to Zignaly

Zignaly Review | Trade Crypto Automatically | EthereumTrading.pro

Zignaly Review | Trade Crypto Automatically | EthereumTrading.pro

In addition to the above, there is no limitation to the number of coins you can trade on Zignaly. It accepts multi-targets from signals, has DCA-based rebuy strategy options, you can get signals to automate close and have trailing stop loss, which means you can benefit from the rising markets and protect the downside.

The potential drawback is that this crypto robot is still in beta-phase so the functionality is still limited. There is a higher exposure to potential glitches on the system, however, while testing the platform we have not experienced any. There is also positive feedback from the crypto trading community and no major faults have been reported.   

Zignaly Review – Conclusion

After concluding this Zignaly review, we are confident that if you want to trade crypto the smart way, Zignaly definitely is one of the platforms to consider. Zignaly offers high-end features and crypto investors can execute their full trading strategies. Zignaly crypto trading platform has seen its user base grow on average at 70% per month and had more than $2million in trading volume during December 2018 alone. We think these numbers speak for itself especially taking into account that it is still in beta version  

So our verdict is that Zignaly is definitely a cryptocurrency trading platform worth trying especially given an early-bird membership pricing at $9 per months as other similar platforms charge way more than that. You can also sign up and try it for free. So why not to give it a try?

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