HaasBot Review

HaasBot Review

  • Advanced Arbitrage Trading
  • Spot, Margin & Leverage Trading
  • Over 500+ Advanced Commands
  • No Hidden Fees
Not Regulated


  • Open Source Crypto Trade Bots
  • Advanced Backtesting & Live Simulation
  • Community Library of Scripts
  • Custom Charting Functionality
  • Complete Privacy & No Withdrawal Capabilities


  • Desktop Version Only
  • Requires Good Technical Skills

What is HaasBot Crypto Trading Bot?

If you are considering investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you came to the right place. In the brave new world of digital assets, it might be difficult to find a reliable trading platform or automated trading software, that is why we started EthereumTrading.pro – to educate people about cryptocurrency trading.  In our series of review of the automated crypto trading systems, we have covered some of the best Bitcoin robots but also uncovered those that turned out to be a scam. Today, we have prepared this HaasBot review, which is one of the most advanced automated crypto trading bots currently available on the market today. We are going to look under the bonnet of HaasOnline, the company behind HassBot,  and cover all the functionality of HaasBot trading robots. We will provide our opinion on the pros and cons of investing in cryptos with HaasBot and share some of the success stories of the people who already use this platform. 

HaasBot Review - The World most Advanced Automated Crypto Trade Bot

What is HaasOnline – the Company behind the HaasBot? 

HaasBot is the name of the crypto trading robot but the company behind it is called HaasOnline software. HaasOnline was founded in 2014 by Stephan de Haas, a Netherlands based software engineer. Stephan had a passion for trading and was one of the early cryptocurrency adopters. When he saw a demand for the crypto trading robot, he put together a team of top industry experts and started HaasOnline. Today, the company employs more than 30 people across a number of continents and has more than 50,000 registered users. HaasOnline continues to pioneer high-frequency trading on the most popular digital trading platforms and crypto exchanges and offers a wide range of automatic trading algorithms and tools. HaasOnline is making automated trading a valuable part of every crypto investor’s toolkit and has an army of loyal global supporters. 

How HaasBot Crypto Robot Works? 

Unlike many trading robots that are affiliated with CFD brokers, HaasBot is an automated trading software that works with a number of popular crypto exchanges. There are 3 main products that HaasOnline have developed and currently offering to its clients

  • HaasOnline Trade Server
  • HaasOnline Cloud 
  • HaasScript

With these products, HaasBot offers a wide range of tools that can help you to automate your crypto trading strategies so you can get back your life and trade even when you sleep. Haasbot users can take advantage of the pre-built trading strategies which can be also customised or developed from scratch. Traders can also reduce by taking an advantage of the backtesting and simulated trading with the free HaasBot demo account, so you can monitor in real-time how your crypto trading strategies are performing, risk-free using paper money which is available with the majority of integrated exchanges. 

So, let’s take a look at all these individual products and see how they can help to improve the performance of your trading strategies. Want to know more? Then read this HaasBot review to find out. 

HaasOnline Trade Server 

HaasOnline Trade Server is the flagship product and the company recently launched it’s version 2.0. With this HaasBot product, users can access advanced trading functionality such as synthetic order types, bots extensions, portfolio management, market scanner and many more features. It offers complete privacy as all you trade data and APIs keys are kept on your own software so no third-party can have access to it. 

HaasBot Review - HaasOnline Trade Servicer

You can get Haasbot free download and only have to pay for the licence once you decide to trade with the real money. There are no fees or restrictions as a single HaasBot licence supports integration to all the exchanges and has no restrictions on trade volume, and it also doesn’t charge commissions on the trades. The beauty of automated trading is that it reduces emotions which means you won’t act irrational during stressful trading events. HaasBot will execute your trading strategy exactly how you programmed it and will keep discipline even in most stressful times. It also helps to improve efficiency as you will save hundreds of hours that you would have to spend in front of your screen if you do annual trading. HaasBot also helps to tame volatility with additional layers of risk management features that can protect your trading positions or take advantage of market volatility with trading algorithms designed for specific market conditions. 

HaasOnline Trade Service can be downloaded as a desktop application for OS or Windows and there is also virtual private service available that is provided by the company. 

HaasBot Trading Bots

This HaasBot review won’t be complete if we don’t mention a legendary HaasBot Trading library which offers access to a range of pre-built HaasBots with specific trading algorithms. You can also customise these strategies and backtest them to see how they would perform historically during different market conditions. 

HaasBot Review - HaasBot Trade Server

Some of the most popular HaasBot Trading Bots are Accumulation Bot, Advanced Index Bot, Crypto Index Bot, Email Bot, Flash Crash Bot, Mad Hatter Bot, HaasBot Arbitrage Bot, Market Making Bot, Ping Pong Bot, Scalper Bot, Trend Liens Bot and many others. 

HaasBot Review - How to Design Your Automatic Trading Strategy

HaasBot offers a wide range of Insurances that can be used with Safeties and Technical Indicators to create complex trading strategies. These features are designed to help traders to manage their risk properly and improve the performance of the trading strategies. HaasBot has more than 200 different technical indicators, Safeties and Insurances to satisfy the demand of even most sophisticated traders. 

We won’t be able to cover all those signals in this HaasBot review as the list is quite extensive, but one popular strategy we want to explain more about is HaasBot Arbitrage. 

HaasBot Arbitrage Trading Strategy

Arbitrage strategies have been popular among institutional investors and considered to be one of the safest ones. But today, such strategies require super-fast trade execution capability and you need to be able to monitor multiple markets at once. It is almost impossible to execute this strategy manually but with automated trading arbitrage trading became the most popular one. 

HaasBot Review - The Most Advanced Automated Trading Software

The way HaasBot arbitrage strategy works is that it monitors the price of the Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) on multiple exchanges and looks for the price discrepancy. The cryptocurrency market is not efficient which means the price of Bitcoin can vary on multiple exchanges and this price difference can be quite significant. 

HaasBot Review - How to Apply HaasBot Indicators

Let’s say the price of Bitcoin on Coinbase Pro is $10,870 and the price on the BitMEX is $10,600. By analysing the price of Bitcoin on multiple exchanges, when spotting the price discrepancy, HaasBot will immediately buy the Bitcoin at a cheaper price and immediately sell it at a higher price. All this happens in a matter of milliseconds, but in that short period of time, you can pocket $270 price difference minus exchange fees and commission. HaasBot arbitrage strategy will be executed only when there are both sides to this trade, meaning there is a seller and the buyer and both trades will be executed simultaneously. That is why arbitrage strategies are almost risk-free but can provide unlimited upside potential. 


HaasBot Visual Editor

For those investors who don’t have programming language skills, HaasBot has developed an innovative Visual Editor that allows you to design your own trading strategies. With this feature, you can drag and drop your own crypto strategy in a matter of minutes, not hours using more than 500+ visual blocks that include mathematical, price data, charting, trade actions and many more.  These visual blocks produce executable trading strategies which are converted into the code automatically.  

HaasBot Review - Visual Editor

Once your trading strategy is designed, you can back-test using HaasBot demo account nad paper trading and debug it if necessary. You can modify logic, update user-defined variables and monitor trade activity with this tool. 

How to Use HaasBot Visual Editor Video Tutorial

HaasBot Supported Exchanges

As we mentioned at the beginning of this HaasBot review, this crypto robot works with multiple exchanges that can be connected via APIs. Some of the top exchanges on that list are Binance, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Bitpanda Pro, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Bybit, CEX.io, Coinbase Pro Deribit, FTX, Gemini, HitBTC, Huobi, Ionomy, Kraken, KuCoin, Okcoin, OKEX, Polonex and others. 

You can place unlimited trades with multiple exchanges with no restrictions on trade activity. You also don’t pay any trading commissions to HaasBot and only pay exchange related trading fees which are usually quite low. 

There are also no restrictions on which cryptocurrencies you can trade. HaasBot provides native support for all altcoins and you can trade any digital asset that is listed on the exchange, from the most popular Bitcoin and Ethereum to very niche offerings. 

HaasOnline Cloud

This is one of the newest products that have been launched by HaasBot that is currently in beta testing but you can already join the waiting list. With HaasBot Online Cloud you can get all the features but you don’t actually have to download HaasBot. Instead, all the features will be available in the Cloud that can be accessed anytime from anywhere in the world. Without HaasBot download, all the software updated will be managed automatically for you don’t have to worry about that. Another main advantage is that now you can access your trading terminal from any computer and have more freedom in your trading. You can even access it from your mobile or tablet which was not possible before. 

HaasBot also plans to launch a marketplace where traders can buy, sell and trade different items such as trading algorithms, third-party signals, HaasBot scripts and much more. 


How to Use HaasBot

If you want to learn how to use HaasBot, we highly recommend you to get a HaasBot free download and watch some of the video tutorials available in Haasbot Wiki or HaasBot forum. The installation process is not complex, but you might need to help in navigating the platform or when you want to connect to the exchange. 

For advanced traders, HaasBot offers full customization and flexibility, but only even if you are making your first steps in trading you will be able to easily install the HaasBot. You can use a range of pre-built automated trading strategies and also back-test them risk-free with HaasBot demo account. 

Once you are satisfied with the results, you will need to connect HaasBot to crypto exchanges of your choice and you will be ready to start trading. 

HaasBot Forum and HaasBot Wiki

HaasBot forum is one of the most popular venues where crypto enthusiasts share investment tips and resources. For advanced users, HaasBot offers a custom scripted bots that can be developed using HaasScript or C computer language. 

HaasBot Wiki is an extensive library of educational resources and materials that are designed to cover all the functionality of this trading robot. With HaasBot Wiki you can learn how to set up HaasBot, configure the system, connect to exchanges and customise your trading strategies. HaasBot Wiki also offers access to different apps, security features, covers troubleshooting and provides other valuable tips and tricks on using HaasBot. 

With HaasBot Wiki and HaasBot forum, you can get access to software documentation, developers API, different tutorials and video guides as well as top-level support where all your questions can be answered. If you are interested in the HaasBot scripting language you will also be able to find a lot of material on that subject. 

HaasBot Price & Pricing

HaasBot offers a number of pricing plans that are designed for different types of traders. 

With HaasBot Beginner you can get access to 10 trading bots, 11 Insurances, 10 Safeties, 20+ technical indicators, have unlimited trades with no fees on more than 20+ exchanges. You will also have access to full chat and ticker support but won’t be able to use Visual Editor, haasBot Scripts and have restricted core features. 

The cost of the Beginner licence is 0.047 Bitcoin (yes, as a true believer, HaasBot sells its licences for Bitcoins). 

HaasBot Simple licence is ideal for growing investors and provides access to 20+ Active Bots, 13Insurances, 20 Safeties and more than 40 technical indicators.users will also have access to Visual Editor and HaasBot scripts

The cost of the Simple licence is 0.083 BTC. 

For serious crypto traders, HaasBot offers Advanced licence with access to an unlimited number of Active Bots, Insurances, Safeties, Technical Indicators, unrestricted core features together with Visual Editor and HaasBot scripts. 

The cost of the advanced license is 0.135 BTC but this is money well spent that can guarantee your return on investment. 

HaasBot Review - HaasBot Pricing Plans

On special occasions, HaasBot also offers an HaasOnline Coupon Code where you can buy a full range of products with a generous HaasBot discount.  HaasBot also offers $100 Virtual Private Server Credit that is available for all plans. 

At the time of writing this HaasBot review, the company also introduced a HaasBot discounted 14-trial licence which we found to be quite useful, Users can also take advantage of the HaasBot free public demo servers for those who have not made up their mind yet. 


HaasBot Review – Conclusion

Let us be honest, after completing this HaasBot review we can definitely say that this is one of the most advanced and sophisticated crypto trading robots that are currently available on the market. HaasBot offers all tools and resources that are needed to design and execute a profitable automated strategy where you can invest in cryptos on autopilot. Over the last 6 years, HaasOnline has developed a professional trading terminal that can put you in one league with the most elite crypto traders. You can trade any altcoin on more than 20+ exchanges and execute multiple trading strategies including HaasBot arbitrage. 

However, this HaasBot review won’t be complete if we don’t mention certain disadvantages of this crypto robot. And that mainly related to two things… 

At the moment, HaasBot is only available as a download which means you will need to have HaasBot download and install it on your computer. Therefore you will only be able to access your trading terminal if you are in front of your computer. In our mobile world, many traders find this inconvenient but the great news is that to address this issue HaasBot is launching a Cloud server. With this feature, traders will be able to access HaasBot from anywhere and from any device 

Another potential drawback is that many beginner investors find HaasBot to be complicated. Unlike some of the other trading robots such as Bitcoin Revolution or Ethereum Code, where you can just press a button and start auto trading, even the most basic version of Haasbot requires the installation and connecting to exchanges. But while you might need some time to learn how to use HaasBot we think it is definitely worth the time and money spent. If you are serious about investing in cryptocurrencies, you will need to make an effort and learn. And thankfully to HaasBot Wiki and HaasBot forum, you will be able to find all the support and resources you need. 

Some of our team members at EthereumTrading.pro are using Haasbot to trade on their own account and can confirm that the time and money were well-spent and paid off many times. 



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