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USI Tech Review

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USI Tech In-depth and Honest Review

With the rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in 2017, the new digital asset class went mainstream and a large number of new market players (such as crypto exchanges and automated trading platforms such as USI Tech that we are covering in this USI Tech review) have come to the market. Historically, foreign exchange (Forex) is one of the most popular among traders with literally trillions of dollars trading every day. Thousands of institutional investors and millions of retail investors are trading forex every day and many of them make a full time living out of their trading activities. Investors who are interested in income and yield would usually invest in bonds and fixed income instruments as it gives them extra security and return of principal capital. Long term investors who are willing to take more risk and looking for better returns will invest in equities and company stocks with the hope that the stock will increase in value and they will get the long term gains. For investors in bonds and equities, it might take a long time to see the return on their capital, but for those interested in almost instant results there is an asset class such as currencies. The reason forex is the most popular among retail investors is that this market is very liquid and moves up and down a lot (although these moves are relatively small). But when using leverage, this presents an enormous opportunity to make money on these price swings with very little initial investment. That is why traditional forex, as well as newly emerged asset class such as cryptocurrencies,  presents a great opportunity for day traders and speculators to make money from trading. By using technical analysis and automated trading systems (such as Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Revolution, Zignaly, Cryptohopper, Gun Bot and many others) ordinary people got an opportunity to trade one of the most popular asset classes and make money on autopilot.

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But there is always the other side of the coin. While automated trading systems present great opportunity to make money on autopilot, trading and investing, in general, can put your capital at risk. Every reputable broker and trading platform will make you aware and understand that it is potentially possible to lose all capital and no past profits are a guarantee of future results. Every new and highly lucrative market attracts not only legitimate businesses but also con-men and scammers who want to take advantage of the hype, as well as the desire of many people to make a lot of money fast without understanding how things actually work.

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USI Tech (which stands for United States Intelligence Technology) first appeared around 2017 and is the company currently registered in Dubai that specialised in automated cryptocurrency trading and automated crypto mining. The company had a fancy website and numerous testimonials of ordinary people claiming to make thousands of dollars on autopilot. However, we found that in a new and wild market such as crypto, testimonials often do not mean much. Quite often, certain crypto trading platforms can be actively promoted by affiliates who get paid when referring clients to such trading platforms. Such affiliates can create many “positive” testimonials just to try to attract visitors. Many companies also use shady marketing techniques as well as unrealistic claims and it is very difficult to understand what is legitimate and what is not. Also, some might use dirty tricks to undermine competition and can create a number of negative reviews about competitors. That also happens often as you will see from this USI Tech review.

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Is USI Tech Scam or Not? team is determined to provide you with honest and unbiased reviews of the crypto market participants, When writing this USI Tech review we have spoken to a number of cryptocurrency traders and conducted thorough investigation online. So far, we have found only negative USI Tech reviews which makes us very suspicious.

First of all, there is not much information available about USI Tech online. We managed to find incorporation certificate of the legal entity but it is also our understanding that the company rebranded numerous time so it’s not clear where its roots are coming from. Also, USI Tech founder Joao Saverino was barred from financial activity in Portugal due to his involvement in a number of Ponzi schemes such as MX Fast Money, AdsProfitReward, AdsProfitWiz, World Consumer Alliance, HourlyRevShare and a number of others. From what we could find while writing this USI Tech review, the company is incorporated in Ras Al Khaimah, a popular off-shore destination in the United Arab Emirates. The lack of transparency is certainly a red flag and cause of concern.

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Also, there is a history of court rulings from the USA to New Zealand accusing USI Tech of fraudulent activities and warning users to be extremely careful.

How USI Tech works

The USI Tech makes very bold marketing claims which should be definitely a red flag. They sell what is called automated software packages costing $50 each. The more packages you buy, the more money (apparently) you can make. USI Tech promises that you can get 1% daily payout or 140% over the course of the 140-day lifetime of a package. And while some customers saying they enjoyed 150% profit or more there is no evidence of such claims.

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But what has been reported, is that many cryptocurrency investors were not able to withdraw their money from USI Tech. There is also a cease-and-desist order from Texas State Securities Board in December 2017 which you can see below. After this ruling, USI Tech shut down it’s US and Canada operations and reopened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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USI TechCoin

USI Tech was also involved in the ICO of its own coin and after reading TechCoin whitepaper we can conclude that it does not bring anything new to the table. USI Tech created lots of hype back in 2018 but then crashed and burned to fall from $431 to $25 in a matter of a week. Right now USI Tech trades at around 3$ or less.

USI Tech Review Conclusion

After completing this USI Tech review we can conclude that this cryptocurrency robot is highly unreliable and most likely a scam. We urge our readers to be extremely careful in dealing with USI Tech and if you see or read anything suspicion about this company please get in touch with us and share the information so we can update this review.

In the meantime, if you are interested in legitimate cryptocurrency trading robots we can recommend checking out Bitcoin Code or Ethereum Code for novices, or Zignaly and Cryptohopper for more experienced cryptocurrency traders.

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