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What is Crypto Bot?

Since the crypto-mania hit the mainstream in 2017 and value of all major cryptocurrencies skyrocketed, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins became a separate asset class and attracted many international-type players. Automated trading software has been popular among algorithmic traders for years especially in currency markets. It allows investors to place trades on the autopilot and make money while they sleep. Such software uses special algorithms that generate signals to automatically place to BUY and SELL orders for an asset that they are trading. Such trading robots connect to the trading venue (which could be a broker or an exchange) via API, read market prices and by applying technical analysis and other algorithms decides when to place trades and send order signal to the venue. By now, you must have heard a lot about various automated crypto trading systems, many of which turn out to be a scam. At, we aim to provide independent and comprehensive reviews for most popular cryptocurrency trading robots that are available on the market today. Please read this GunBot review to find out the pros and cons of investing in cryptocurrencies with this automated trading software.

GunBot Review | Automated Crypto Trading Bot |

GunBot Review | Automated Crypto Trading Bot |

How does GunBot work?

So, GunBot is an automated crypto trading system that was developed by The Crypto Bot company. With GunBot you can connect to major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Poloniex, Huobi, KuCoin, Bitfinex, Cryptopia, Kraken, and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and all other major altcoins available on those exchanges.

GunBot Review | GunBot Features |

GunBot Review | GunBot Features |

Users can generate BUY/SELL signals and execute manually but the main advantage of using a crypto robot is that you can put trading on the autopilot and make money 24/7 even while you sleep. The Crypto Bot trading algorithms are designed to provide signals aiming to buy low and sell high, and there are numerous trading strategies that are built in. Such trading strategies are Bollinger Bands, Gain, Step Gain, PingPong, 1000Trades and Supergun to name but few. There are currently 15 trading strategies available on GunBot and The Crypto Bot company plans to add new strategies soon. When investing in cryptocurrencies, users can choose which strategy they want to use, or mix things up and select one strategy for buy signals and another strategy for sell signals.

GunBot Review | Crypto Exchanges |

Obviously, it is difficult to say which strategy will work best with each cryptocurrency in different market conditions. Investors are encouraged to try various options and their combinations to see which one work best for the selected cryptocurrency, particular exchange and specific market conditions.

GunBot Review | API Connect |

How to install GunBot software

The CryptoBot GunBot is sold as licenced software for a one-off payment, which means you are not signing up for a regular payment plan which can be costly and complicated. GunBot also has various add-ons and additional licenses for specific exchanges. It is also important to note that GunBot has a finite number of licenses which means at some point they will run out and won’t be available to new investors. That is done to maintain a competitive advantage of the GunBot trading software as if too many investors will be using the same buy and sell signals, they might not work. This is called “overcrowded market” in the investment world. So, limiting the number of licenses and introducing new algorithms (also limited ones) ensures that all users of the GunBot trading robot maintain their competitive edge and advantage.

The installation process is very easy and detailed video tutorials are available. All you have to do is download and unzip the latest version of the software, launch the Gunthy-GUI and go to http://localhost:5000, then you generate login details and password, configure settings and add API to connect to specific crypto exchanges. Then you go to Setup Tab and edit settings, then go to Dashboard, load the Setup and click Start button. That’s it, you are ready and start trading.

GunBot Trading Settings

When you launch a GunBot, there will be a number of different settings that you can edit. Below are examples of key settings that you need to check before starting to trade

Currency Pair – you need to enter a symbol for the currency pair (for example ETH-USD) that you wish to trade.

Margin to Sell – if the price of altcoin increases by a certain % point, then GunBot instructed to automatically sell. You will need to input that percentage.

Margin to Buy – GunBot is instructed to buy when the price of an altcoin decreases by a certain percentage.

Security Margin – sell all your cryptocurrency balances if their value goes down in value by XX% after you bought it.

GunBot Review | Trading Strategies |

GunBot Review | Trading Strategies |

Max Latest Prices – a number of the latest prices to analyze when making a decision if the price of altcoin is growing and falling. For example, GunBot can monitor the last 200 prices and the last 200 variations in the price of ETH/BTC.

Time Delay Price – this is used to verify margin price if the trade is frozen and you have to input it in seconds. Just be aware that you can be banned from exchanges if this number is below 20.

Minimum Volume: Minimum trading volume over the last 24 hours required to determine if it’s a good enough and liquid cryptocurrency to trade.

EMA1/EMA2 Period – two main indicators of the GunBot algorithm to set the number of trades per day.

GunBot Review | Trading History |

GunBot Review | Trading History |

Candlesticks Period – you can set candlestick periods to 5, 15, 30, 60, or whatever you choose.

Trading Style – you can choose aggressive or moderate trading styles, which means more or fewer trades per day.

Once all these settings been confirmed, you have to do is click the “Start GunBot” button to begin to trade.

GunBot Pricing

At the time of writing this GunBot review, the software is available on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. It also has different types of licenses which as follows.

GunBot LITE Version – it has certain limitations compared to the standard license, for example, you can use only one trading strategy. It does not contain CryptoSight add-ons and can be used only with one exchange. It is recommended only to absolute beginners which will allow you to get a feel of the Crypto Bot before deciding on the full license. The cost of the GunBot LITE is 0.0200 Bitcoins.

GunBot Review | GunBot Products Pricing |

GunBot Review | GunBot Products Pricing |

GuBot License is the most popular one and has 3 different editions. The Standard license will allow you to trade on one market only, Pro edition will allow trading on 3 markets and with Ultimate version, you can invest in cryptocurrencies on all 10 supported cryptocurrency exchanges. Investors will also have access to 15 different trading strategies detailed description of which can be found on The Crypto Bot website. It also has an extensive list of available features and we strongly encourage you to check the website for further details as there is no way we can cover all the functionality in this GunBot review. Main GunBot license will cost between 0.0500 and 0.1500 Bitcoins and you may need to pay extra for some additional add-ons.

Also, given the current price of Bitcoin, we think such prices for the GunBot are an absolute bargain!

GunBot Software Pros and Cons.

We have reviewed a number of trading robots for cryptocurrencies and can say that GunBot is one of the most comprehensive and solid ones. It has 15 different trading strategies and the company constantly working on adding new strategies to it’s offering. You can invest in cryptocurrency on 10 largest cryptocurrency exchanges and you will actually own the underlying assets unlike with many CFD brokers (where you only make bets on markets going up or down). GunBot has an extensive list of features as well as add-ons such as Crypto Sight Bot, Tradeview and Backtesting. The Crypto Bot GunBot has a solid support team, dedicated Telegram Channel and a large library of educational resources on how to set up and start trading with GunBot.

From the research we conducted for this GunBot review, investors reported that they can make on average 1-3% in daily profits, which comes to average 30% Return on Investment (ROI) per month. Obviously, any investment includes risks and a monthly 30% ROI are achievable when there is no market crash or massive cryptocurrency sell-off.

We were absolutely impressed by the quality of GunBot automated crypto trading software and the only potential drawdown is that for some people it can be a bit complicated. If you want to invest in crypto with GunBot you will need to have reasonably good computer skills and understand the basics of trading strategies. Some basic programming skills might be also helpful if you want to use the GunBot to its fullest. That said, it is not difficult to learn all those things and there are numerous video tutorials as well as a library full of educational resources. So with a bit of patience, every crypto investor can learn how to use GunBot pretty fast. And we think it is worth an effort if you would like to make a consistent profit from investing in cryptocurrencies  24/7.

Another potential (but minor) hurdle is that GunBot is priced in Bitcoin so before you buy it, you will need to have to buy Bitcoin and pay for The Crypto Bot with your Bitcoin wallet.

GunBot Review Conclusion

When conducting this GunBot review we spoke to a number of crypto investors who use GunBot and the feedback, in general, was positive. GunBot has great community and support and is currently used by more than 4000 active cryptocurrency traders. For a one-time payment, you get a lifetime license and access to 10 major crypto exchanges and most of the cryptocurrencies. You can customize your trading parameters and run the software from Windows, Linux or Mac computer. GunBot also has multiple trading strategies and with some patience and experimentations you can find out which ones work best for you. The fact that you may need to spend some time learning how to install the software, connect it to exchanges and start trading should not really put you off. At the end of the day, this is a high quality automated crypto trading software for cryptocurrencies that allows you to make a profit when you sleep!

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