Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm Review

  • Up to $4K Monthly Profit
  • Start Investing with $25
  • Invest on Autopilot
Not Regulated


  • Up to 80% Trade Accuracy
  • Robust Risk Management Systems
  • EU-based Broker


  • Black-box Trading Algorithms
  • No Mobile App

What is the Bitcoin Storm Trading Robot? 

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other altcoins have been in the headlines for a number of years now and is officially the best-performing asset class that we have ever seen. Many people who have invested in Bitcoin early have made fortunes but some people also lost money during the market correction. Right now, the views on the long-term value of Bitcoin are highly polarized but one thing that we know for sure is that such a volatile market as cryptocurrencies still present great opportunity to make money in short-term, or day trading. Day-traders are usually experienced market professionals that use technical analysis to analyze short-term price moves and make a large number of small trades holding their trading positions for a very short period of time (from seconds to minutes). Day-traders also often use computer programs, or algorithms, to conduct market analysis and execute orders. In the past, day-trading would be out of reach for ordinary investors but thanks to developments in technology many trading robots have become available to a broader audience. They don’t require technical or financial knowledge and you can run your trading operations out of your mum’s kitchen if you want. The Bitcoin Storm is one of such trading robots that became very popular recently and many people have reported that they are able to generate stable passive income with the help of this trading software. Due to increased demand from our readers, we have concluded this Bitcoin Storm review to share our experience of investing in cryptos with this trading robot. Is Bitcoin Storm scam or legit? Can I make money with Bitcoin Storm trading robot? Read further to find out…

Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm Trading Robot Features

First, we would like to explain how trading robots such as Bitcoin Storm work. 

If the markets are volatile, the price of the underlying asset moves up and down a lot. This presents an opportunity to buy low and sell high if you can guess the direction of the price move. Technical analysis helps to identify trade signals when to place and execute a trade and there are numerous trading strategies. While you need to be an experienced trader to understand all the different trading strategies, with trading robots such as Bitcoin Storm, their computer software can do this for you. 

Once the trading signal has been identified, the computer algorithm immediately places the trade and hold on to it until it gets a sell signal, and then closing the trading position. Of course, even the most sophisticated algorithm can’t guess the correct price moves all the time but you don’t even need that. As long as on average you have more winning trades than losing ones, you will make money. That is why trading robots such as Bitcoin Storm place a large number of small trades and hold them for a very short period of time 

With Bitcoin Storm, you can start investing in Bitcoin with as little as $25 per trade but still benefit from the full price upside. How it is possible? The answer is the Contract for Difference or CFD. 

Bitcoin Storm Review Trading Dashboard

CFDs have been especially popular among currency traders as they allow to take larger positions with a relatively small initial investment. With CFD, you are not paying the full price for an underlying asset (in our case Bitcoin, but only need to put enough money to cover the price move. While you still can lose money if the trade goes against you, if it goes in your favour the Return on Investment is considerably higher compared if you had to pay the full price. 

When trading with CFDs, you also don’t have a security risk which could be the case if you invest in Bitcoin on different crypto exchanges. There is a high risk that the exchange can be hacked and Bitcoins will be stolen as we have seen numerous times. 

Bitcoin Storm is affiliated with a CFD broker, in our case, Luxis Trade, but Bitcoin Storm forks with a number of trading venues and depending on your geographical location it will connect you to the best available broker in your country. 

With Bitcoin Storm, you can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and a number of fiat currencies on autopilot. All you need to do is set up your trading settings and different parameters and monitor your trading positions without active involvement. 

How to Start Investing with the Bitcoin Storm

The good thing about trading robots such as Bitcoin Storm is that it is ideally suited for people without any prior trading experience and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. You can start investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptos in 3 easy steps. 

Step 1 – Open Account

First, you need to open an account with Bitcoin Storm by providing your name, phone number and email address. When registering with the Bitcoin Storm trading robot, you will automatically get an account with the CFD broker which will depend on your geographical location. Bitcoin Storm will do the match-making for you and will connect you to the best broker available in your country. The registration process took us literally 2 minutes and you can move to the next stage after that. 

Bitcoin Storm Review CFD Broker

Step 2 – Deposit Funds

In order to start investing with Bitcoin Storm, you will need to deposit some funds with the CFD broker. To comply with regulations, you will need to complete the KYC process with the broker and submit a copy of your passport and proof of address. The good thing about Bitcoin Storm is that it has very helpful customer service. Usually, a customer service representative will reach out to you to help with the onboarding process and account set-up. 

Bitcoin Storm Review How to Deposit Funds

You can deposit funds using various methods ranging from a bank transfer, debit or credit card and a number of other popular trading methods. Depending on a method you choose, it can take from a few minutes to a couple of days to fund your account. 

Step 3 – Adjust Settings and Start Investing

Once your account is funded, you can go to the trading room and adjust your trading settings. You can choose the minimum trade size, stop-loss per day and per trade, as well as the max number of daily and concurrent trades. You can also choose currency pairs that you want to trade.

We recommend starting with a smaller amount if you don’t have experience in investing before. That will help you to manage your risk and also get familiar with the trading strategy and see how it is performing. 

Bitcoin Storm Review Trading Settings

Can I Make Money with Bitcoin Storm Trading Robot?

Many of our readers are asking – can I make money with cryptocurrency trading robots such as Bitcoin Storm? While no one can predict for sure where the price of Bitcoin will be in a day or next month, the advantage of cryptocurrency robots and automated trading systems is that you don’t need to be right all the time. In order to make money from an automated trading strategy, you just need to make a large number of trades and on average have more winners than losers. You have to remember that investing also involves risk so you should not invest more money than you are prepared to lose. But thanks to cryptocurrency trading robots such as Bitcoin Storm, ordinary people who do not have any trading experience can participate in the market and make some money trading online. 

Bitcoin Storm Review Trading Performance

In fact, one of the advantages of Bitcoin Storm trading robot is that it has a demo account where you can invest $1,500 in virtual cash and test trading strategy in real-time. We had Bitcoin Storm trading for few hours and made $450 trading profit. Many people report that on average they can generate 20-30% return on their capital per month, which results in healthy passive profit. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Register with Bitcoin Storm and try investing in a demo mode to see how the strategy performs. The returns will also depend on the market volatility so we encourage you to keep an eye on the trading system and stop trading for a day if you see the market goes against you. 

Is Bitcoin Storm Trading Robot Scam or Legit? Our Verdict

While there are always people who will be negative about things they don’t understand, automated trading systems have been around for years and many professional traders deploy them. With the advancements in technology, these tools now became available to ordinary people and it is definitely a positive sign. We have not seen many negative reports about Bitcoin Storm and those people complaining were mostly about slow customer service, which in our days can happen to anyone. 

Bitcoin Storm Review Client Testimonials

Bitcoin Storm is affiliated with reputable CFD brokers so you don’t have security risk and the minimum investment required means that you can test it for yourself with minimum capital. Start slow, see how the trading strategy performs before deciding on the next steps. The final call is of course yours. But there are many people who discovered that they don’t need to be experienced traders in order to invest in cryptocurrencies and profit from it. When completing this Bitcoin Storm review we have not encountered any negative experience, but of course, we would be interested to hear your story with cryptocurrency trading robots in general, and Bitcoin Storm in particular. 

Bitcoin Storm Review – Conclusion

As you can see from this Bitcoin Storm review, our experience with this trading robot was positive. You don’t need a lot of money to join the game and can start trading with as little as $25 per trade. It was very easy to open an account with the Bitcoin Storm and affiliated CFD broker and customer service was very helpful. It was also extremely easy to set up a trading strategy and even those with no prior experience or technical skills will find this process smooth and easy And, of course, $450 profit in few hours trading was a good result. And we don’t even have to be in front of our computer all the time! 

So, if you have been thinking about how to start investing in cryptocurrencies but did not know what to do – Bitcoin Storm trading robot is a good starting point. We would be also interested to hear about your experience with this trading robot so please reach out to us and share your feedback! 

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