Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush

  • Start Investing with $25
  • Up to $2k Daily Profit
  • 80-85% Trade Accuracy
Not Regulated


  • Trade on Autopilot
  • Very Easy to Start Trading
  • Intuitive Design


  • Only 4 Cryptos To Trade
  • No Mobile App

What is Bitcoin Rush Trading Robot? 

Since cryptocurrencies went mainstream in 2017, many individual investors made a lot of money by investing in this new digital asset class. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins also attracted the attention of other markets participants, entrepreneurs, software development companies and professional trading venues such as exchanges and brokers. While professional investors have a large number of options available to them that allows to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies, many ordinary people are asking questions how they can also join the cryptocurrency trading game and start investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. In this Bitcoin Rush review, we would try to answer this question and provide more information on how ordinary people can start investing in cryptocurrencies on autopilot and make passive income. 

Bitcoin Rush Review - Invest in Cryptocurrencies on Autopilot

Bitcoin Rush is an automated trading system, or so-called reading robot, that allows investing on autopilot. It is essentially a computer program that analysing the cryptocurrency market 24/7 and runs technical analysis of the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital tokens. Based on technical signals Bitcoin Rush makes Buy or Sell recommendation and can also execute trade orders on your behalf which means you won’t need to sit in front of your screen al the time. 

Many individual investors are reporting that they can make up to $3,000-4,000 in profit per month when investing with trading robots such as Bitcoin Rush. So how do they do it and how does it work? Please read further this Bitcoin Rush review to find out… 

Bitcoin Rush Trading Robot Features

As we mentioned, Bitcoin Rush is a computer program that allows you to run your trading operations on the autopilot. In the past, such tools were only available to large institutional and professional investors but thanks to the development in technology and trading infrastructure now ordinary individual investors can take advantage of this platform too. 

Bitcoin Rush trading algorithm is designed to make a large number of small trades and hold trading positions for a very short period of time (from few seconds to minutes). Once the profit target has been reached, the algorithm will close the trading position. Bitcoin Rush also helps to minimise the potential loss with a useful stop-loss feature. With Bitcoin Rush investors can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple, and make a profit when the price of cryptocurrencies go up or down, and also sometimes use leverage. When investing with trading robots such as Bitcoin Rush, the price volatility (when it goes up and down a lot) works in your favour as it means you will have many opportunities to profit from the price swings. The goal of Bitcoin Rush trading strategy is not to make a huge profit on a small number of trades, but just to make more winning trades than losing ones on a daily basis. 

Bitcoin Rush Review - Kodimax CFD Broker

Bitcoin Rush works in affiliation with the CFD broker, which means this trading robot will only analyse the market and will push trade orders to the CFD broker. This way of investing in cryptocurrencies has a major advantage and that is why CFD brokers have been so popular among individual investors for so many years (not only crypto but forex, stocks and other asset classes). In some cases, when you buy Bitcoin on the crypto exchange, you will need to pay the full price and will own the underlying asset (i.e. Bitcoin or other tokens). That works well when you plan to invest for a long term and hold on to you digital tokens. However, this presents a huge security risk as there have been a number of cases when exchanges got hacked and all clients’ digital tokens were stolen. So investing via the crypto exchange might not be the ideal option when you just want to benefit from the price volatility and don’t want to be exposed to the security risk. 

One of the main advantaged of the CFD brokers is minimum investment amount and with Bitcoin Rush, you can start investing with as little as $25 per trade. The reason for that is that with CFD broker you don’t buy the underlying asset but you need to put only enough money to cover the spread (or price difference). That is why it’s called Contract for Difference, or CFD. Of course, you can’t expect that all trades will be profitable and you can also lose money. But even with such small minimum investment, you can get the full upside which dramatically increases your return on investment. You also don’t need to lock in large sums of money (as with crypto exchange) and start small before gaining more confidence in the market. 

Bitcoin Rush Review - Kodimax Trading Platform

Bitcoin Rush runs robust trading algorithms and has fast execution speed. It is ideally suited for beginner investors due to its intuitive trading platform that is very easy to set up. You can start investing in cryptocurrencies with as little as $25 but still get the full benefit of the price upside. CFD broker also eliminates the security risk so you can sleep at night and do not worry that your digital assets might be stolen. 

How to Start Investing with Bitcoin Rush

As we mentioned earlier, the good thing about Bitcoin Rush trading robot is that it is very easy to set up and start trading. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes and start investing in 3 easy steps

Step 1 – Open Free Account

First, you need to register an account with Bitcoin Rush and affiliated CFD broker. You need to provide full name, email address and telephone number. That’s it.  As we mentioned, Bitcoin Rush works with a number of CFD brokers and depending on your geographical location it will also automatically connect you to the best broker available in that country, so you don’t have to register twice. As we have been writing this review from the UK, we have been connected to the Kodimax broker. 

When you register with Bitcoin Rush, the client services representative will get in touch with you shortly to help and finalise the account set up. We found this feature to be quite useful and that saved us quite a bit of time. So please make sure that there are no typos or mistakes in your contact details to avoid possible delays. 

It is important to remember that before you can start trading you need to deposit funds with the broker. You can do so by clicking the Deposit Funds button from the trading room.

Bitcoin Rush Review - Trading Room

Step 2 – Deposit Funds

With Bitcoin Rush, you can deposit funds using various payment methods such as debit or credit card, bank transfer or a number of other options. You can deposit funds in USD, EUR or GBP. As you will be depositing funds with the broker, you will also need to complete the KYC and AML process to comply with regulations. You can do this by uploading a copy of your passport and proof of address and the whole process took us a couple of minutes. 

Bitcoin Rush Review - Deposit Funds

Step 3 – Adjust Settings and Start Investing

Once your account is opened and funds hit the account, you are ready to start trading. You can also adjust the main setting to suit your investment strategy and trading style. You can select the Trade Amount (or minimum amount per trade), Daily Take Profit and Stop Loss, Maximum Concurrent Trades and Maximum Daily Trades. 

You can also choose what currency pairs you want to trade. You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum. Litecoin and Ripple against USD or EUR. 

Bitcoin Rush Review - Adjust Trading Settings and Start Auto-trading

Before investing real money, you might want to test the Bitcoin Rush trading strategy first and run a number of trades on a demo account. Bitcoin Rush gives you $1,500 in virtual currency to test its algorithms and we took this opportunity. We have traded for about 1.5 hours and made $550 profit with 75% trade accuracy. 

Bitcoin Rush Review - Trading History

Bitcoin Rush

  • Start Investing with $25
  • Up to $2k Daily Profit
  • 80-85% Trade Accuracy
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Can I Make Money with Bitcoin Rush? 

It is reported, that on average individual investors can make up to 2-3% in daily profits (or 30-40% monthly) when investing with trading robots such as Bitcoin Rush. Many ordinary investors are generating up to $3,000-4,000 a month in passive income from trading while spending only 30 min per day in front of the screen. Of course, you can not expect that you will make a profit all the time and must remember about potential risks involved, especially during the market stress. As a general rule, you should not invest more then you are prepared to lose and must take time educating yourself about the markets. 

But as long as the price of Bitcoin remains volatile and there is no market crash, trading robots such as Bitcoin Rush should be able to generate profit. You can also check other popular cryptocurrency trading robots such as Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Evolution that have been extremely popular among our readers. 

Is Bitcoin Rush Scam or Legit? Our Verdict

After completing this Bitcoin Rush review, we can say that it is a legitimate trading robot and you can make money with it. In our case, we have been connected to the Kodimax CFD broker which is specialist cryptocurrency broker registered in Bulgaria. While the broker is not regulated, as other brokers operating in the crypto space, it is located in the EU and complies with all necessary regulations. The customer service representatives were also quite helpful and assisted in the account opening process. 

Bitcoin Rush Review – Conclusion

Our experience of trading with Bitcoin Rush is positive and we can recommend it. It is ideally suited for beginner investors who don’t have much experience in trading the markets but still want to make money trading Bitcoin and other digital assets. You can start investing with as little as $25 and get the full benefit of the price upside by investing via CFD broker. Unfortunately, you will be only able to invest in 4 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple but we don’t see it as a major problem given these altcoins the most liquid ones. Bitcoin Rush also does not have a mobile app just yet but we have been informed that the company is working on launching a mobile version soon. 

But the main advantage of the Bitcoin Rush is that it allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies on autopilot and make money even when you sleep. Many people are reporting that they are making up to $4,000 passive income per month and not you can join them too. 

We would be delighted to hear from our readers about they experience investing in cryptos with Bitcoin Rush. Please send us a message or leave your feedback in the comment section. We would love to hear from you! 

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