No Charges on Freelancing Site with Instant Payment

AnyTask Crypto Freelancing Site

Electronium, a cryptocurrency project has recently introduced a new freelancing platform called AnyTask. This new platform is believed to revolutionize cryptocurrency usage as well as freelancing by offering zero-fee payments to its users. The app will only use cryptocurrency as the mode of payment and will not charge any commissions on orders. In addition to that, the platform will also ensure instant payments thanks to the lack of processing required for crypto payments. This has been an extremely welcome initiative considering how terrible freelancing websites can be when it comes to commissions and payment processes.

The company did a soft launch in February and since then they have said that many freelancers have enjoyed its benefits bringing major changes to their lives. Currently, there are many freelancers who are facing the risk of losing their accounts on popular websites like, Fiverr, Upwork, and some others as well. The reason for that is primarily the fact that they do not have a bank account, or at least not one in their own name. With so many people working at an age where having their own bank accounts is not possible in their countries the issue is both real and large. As for the people who do have all the credentials, they still must face brutal commission percentages. In cases where they do not get a project, they are still bound to pay a fee to the platform which hurts their earnings a lot.

With freelancers creating a global market of $750 billion every year in revenues, it is only logical that a solution like AnyTask will work. People who have joined the platform are already saying they are incredibly happy with the service. The payments are currently being processed via credit cards but ETN will soon be introduced by the company. Find out more about AnyTask by clicking here.

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