Investing in Ethereum

There is a number of options available for Ethereum Investing.

Some people are just interested to profit from market moves and don’t necessarily want to own the underlying asset. CFD Brokers and online trading platforms are the best option for traders to make their bets and make profit regardless if the market going up or down. This is great option for investors to express their market views and allows them to benefit from the declining market (by going short). Another advantage is that with Contract for Difference (CFD) you don’t need a lot of money to start trading. You can open a deposit with most CFD Brokers and start trading with as little as $100. As many of them also offer leverage there is an opportunity to multiply your return on investments. However, there is always a risk that the market can go against you and the same rules apply to the losses, so you have to be careful. Remember – past performance in not guarantee of future results and all investments are risky.

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Probably the most traditional way to investing in Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies is to buy an underlying asset. In that case you own it but can only benefit if the value of your coin is going up. The main advantage of this option is that all crypto exchanges are unregulated and some of them have been hacked with people losing their money. Another potential disadvantage is that when the traffic on exchange is high, users might experience delays in their transaction or simply not being able to log in. Many crypto exchanges recently stopped to accept new members as they are trying to upgrade their systems to be able to services larger number of users and transactions. That said, there are some good and popular crypto exchanges on the market and we are covering them in our reviews which you can access HERE.

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The third option to invest in cryptocurrencies is more suited towards experienced investors. There is a number of Bitcoin investment funds available which operate very much like any other mutual fund. There is a large number of those available on the market with various investment strategies. Some invest only in one of cryptocurrencies, while others have diversified portfolio.

In October 2017 if was reported that UK investment manager Hargreaves Lansdown started offering Ethereum exchange traded product ETN named COINETH:SS and COINETHE:SS – that are denominated in Sweden’s national currency, the krona, and the euro, respectively and are listed on Nasdaq Nordic stock exchange. In June 2017, Hargreaves Lansdown also introduced to its clients first Bitoin ETN listed on the same exchange.

We are covering all options available for investing in Ethereum and other cryptos so stay tuned!