Cryptocurrency market collapse: end of the world or buying opportunity?

Start of 2018 was extremely volatile for all the cryptocurrencies. After some rebound, decline continued in the first day of February with Bitcoin loosing 59%, Ripple declining an astonishing 81% and Litecoin loosing 69%. Ethereum lost 40% which is relatively modest compared to losses of other crypto assets.

Many of our readers are asking the question, is it a long term decline or short time market dip which presents great buying opportunity? If we look at the trading history of many cryptocurrencies their experienced similar declines a couple of years ago after which skyrocketed again.

So it is up for you to decide – to wait while the storm finishes or dive in and buy the dip.

Also, if you think we are in a bear market, you can always short altcoins via regulated brokers such as eToro or others, all of which we have covered in this review.

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