Revolut is Now Offering Cryptocurrency Services to Australians

Revolut is Now Offering Cryptocurrency Services to Australians

Revolut is a digital banking company that has started providing cryptocurrency solutions to its customers, according to a press statement released by Revolut earlier. According to the statement, the customers of Revolut will now be able to perform transactions with as many as six different digital currencies. The users will also receive live updates on their app, notifying them of the changes in the prices of said digital currencies.

The currencies that Revolut is offering its customers at the moment include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Stellar, and XRP. The app will support conversion for not only the Australian Dollar, but another 26 fiat currencies as well. The service will initially be available to the customers who are members of the Metal service, a premium offering by the company.

Revolut is a digital banking platform providing financial services to users since July 2015. It was founded in the UK and the main target of Revolut is the younger generation that is much more tech-savvy and appreciative of online banking tools. It made its way into the Australian market last August where it provided several banking services using fiat currencies which included loans and remittances as well.

The company has been working actively to bring its cryptocurrency services to its customers, announcing their services to US customers in March. The firm allowed users to maintain legal control over their digital assets via an update shared in July. However, the users are still unable to transfer digital assets out of the Revolut ecosystem. Prior to this, transactions in digital currencies were being performed by Revolut on behalf of its customers.

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