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Even if you are making your first steps in investing, you must have heard about ZuluTrade, a company founded in 2007 by Leon Yohai. ZuluTrade was created in response to the non-existence of the web-based trading platform that could allow traders to run their investment strategies and enabling them to share their knowledge and know-how. ZuluTrade is a pioneer in Social Trading, a wide-spread phenomenon that allows beginner investors to copy experienced traders and their top-performing strategies. It also allows the successful trader to monetize their know-how by allowing other people to follow them and copy their trading positions on the revenue share model. Many of our readers keep asking us, what is ZuluTrade broker? How I can start trading with ZuluTrade? To help you to answer these and other important questions related to ZuluTrade Social Trading platform, we have prepared this review. 

ZuluTrade Review Autotrade cryptos

Is ZuluTrade broker or not? 

In short, ZuluTrade is a social trading platform and technology company that created a community of likeminded traders and investors. It allows traders to run their investment strategies and monetize them by allowing other people to follow them. It also allows other people to choose and invest in existing trading strategies that are managed by other people. We have to give credit to ZuluTrade, they made this process easy and straight forward. Even if you don’t have any experience in trading, with ZuluTrade you can start investing in top-performing strategies of your choice in a matter of minutes. 

But it is important to remember, that ZuluTrade is not a broker and is not regulated. It rather a marketplace that connects investors and professional traders and allows them to collaborate via professional trading venue or CFD broker platform. That is why when we talk about ZuluTrade brokers, we mean independent CFD brokers that are connected to ZuluTrade platform. 

ZuluTrade Brokers

One of the main advantages of CFD brokers is that investors don’t have to buy the underlying asset and therefore pay a full price. Instead, they only need to put enough money to cover the change in price. CFD brokers usually don’t charge a commission per each trade and only make money on spreads, or the price difference between Bid and Ask price.  The more liquid the underlying asset, the lower is spread and on most popular assets including cryptos, you can get ultra-low spreads with ZuluTrade brokers. 

While ZuluTrade brokers partner list is extensive, the company works only with the best companies on the market. The vendor will need to have strong financial standing and strong track-record in order to be allowed to ZuluTrade broker panel. ZuluTrade also makes sure that its broker partners can cover as many geographies as possible so it can service clients from anywhere in the world. One of the most common problems for EU based brokers is that they can’t allow US clients into their platform. To solve this problem, ZuluTrade partners with OANDA, a US-based broker that can work with US-based clients. But we are going to talk about it more later on. 

How to open an account with ZuluTrade brokers? 

Once you register with ZuluTrade and familiarise yourself with their platform, you can start investing by opening ZuluTrade broker account. The good thing is that if you already have an account with one of the providers that are on ZuluTrade brokers panel, all you have to do is provide your login details and the broker account will be automatically connected to ZuluTrade. 

Once you ZuluTrade broker account up and running, you need to choose the account type and here ZuluTrade gives you two options. 

ZuluTrade Brokers

ZuluTrade Profit-Sharing Account 

This is the most popular account among most of the ZuluTrade users. For a monthly subscription of $30, you can follow and invest with as many professional traders as you like. There is also 25% profit-sharing that goes to the trader that you choose to follow. It is important to remember, that you only share 25% of the profits that you can generate following a particular trading strategy. If the performance is flat or negative you don’t have to pay anything. 

This is the ideal option for hands-off investors that want to enjoy zero commission trading and don’t want to get involved in the nitty-gritty of professional too much. 

ZuluTrade Classic Account

This type of account is more popular among advanced users who dedicate certain amount of their time to trading. This account is free and standard volume-based commissions are applied. You will also have the ability to fully customize your copy-trading strategy, which means you won’t just blindly follow the investment strategy but can also only pick up the trades you like. 

ZuluTrade Brokers – How to Choose the Best One

While this might sound like a complex task, ZuluTrade made this extremely easy for you.  First, based on your IP and geographical location, ZuluTrade will only display those brokers that are available in your country. Before you choose the broker from the table, you can also familiarise yourself with the individual features of the ZuluTrade brokers. You will be able to see in which countries the broker is regulated, what is the minimum deposit requirement and what currencies each broker supports. 

ZuluTrade Brokers

You can also open up more detailed information about each of the ZuluTrade brokers, where you will find a general description as well as information on trading platforms, asset classes that you can invest in, the leverage provided, supported currencies and other special features.  

ZuluTrade Brokers

So you can rely on the ZuluTrade for the best available broker recommendation or you can do some research and choose the trading partner you like. If you are serious about investing, you can also open accounts in multiple ZuluTrade brokers accounts and see which one offers the best user- and trading experience 

ZuluTrade Brokers

ZuluTrade Brokers – What are the Top 3? 

As we mentioned, ZuluTrade brokers panel is quite extensive but we want to highlight the Top 3. 

AAAFX Broker

AAAFX is a preferred partner of ZuluTrade. It offers instant account creation with ZuluTrade and is compatible with all the features of this social trading platform. For crypto enthusiasts, it offers Bitcoin Deposits and cryptocurrency CFD trading. It offers ultra-low spreads and access to trading platforms such as ZTP, Meta Trader 4 and Automated Trading with ZuluTrade. AAAFX offers access to its state of the art native mobile app, instant deposit and Live Support available 24/7. With AAAFX you can invest in all major cryptocurrency as well as Forex. AAAFX is a CFD broker regulated in the EU. 

ZuluTrade Brokers

AvaTrade Europe

AvaTrade is one of the leading CFD brokers that we already covered in this AvaTrade review. It has more than 200,000 registered users from over 140 countries and allows you to invest in stocks, bonds, forex, commodities, ETFs, indices and cryptocurrencies. AvaTrade is regulated in 6 jurisdictions and has offices across 10 locations. AvaTrade trading volume exceeds $50 billion monthly which makes it one of the largest in the world. This broker has been on the market since 2006 which makes AvaTrade one of the most reliable ZuluTraer broker partners

AvaTrade Review Cryptocurrencies


OANDA is the preferred ZuluTrade broker for he US-based clients which makes it quite unique. OANDA was founded back in 1996 by pioneers in algorithmic trading, Dr Michael Stumm and Dr Richard Olsen. OANDA offers CFD trading in stocks, bonds, commodities, metals, forex, indices and major cryptocurrencies. Investors can take advantage of ultra-thin spreads and trade via one of the desktop, web or mobile trading platforms. It also has other features available in most advanced trading terminals such as Economic Calendar, Margin Calculator and a full set of tools for Fundamental and Technical Analysis. But the main reason why OANDA is on the top 3 ZuluTrade Brokers list is that it is US-regulated broker that allows US-based clients. 

ZuluTrade Brokers

ZuluTrade Brokers – Trade with the Best

As you can see, ZuluTrade went on the extra mile to establish relationships with the best global CFD broker platforms. It’s trading partners are regulated in most of the jurisdictions to be able to accommodate clients from anywhere in the world. Some of the ZuluTrade brokers are very niche and specialise only in a certain asset class, be it forex and crypto. Others, like AvaTrade for example, are some of the largest trading houses in the world where you can trade any asset class. With most of the  ZuluTrade brokers, you will only need to put $100 as a minimum deposit and take advantage of ultra-low spreads. 

Most of ZuluTrade brokers are regulated in the EU, some regulated in off-shoe jurisdiction and OANDA is US-regulated broker that allows US-based clients. You can make deposits in most of the currencies including but not limited to EUR, USD, GBP, RUB, CHF and many others. You can deposit funds and have instant withdrawals using some of the most popular payment methods such as debit or credit card, bank wire, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal and many others. 

With ZuluTrade brokers, you can optimise and diversify your portfolio and follow successful trading strategies that are already proved in making a profit. You can invest with the best and join the global community of investors and professional traders. 

While we tried to cover only the main ZuluTrade brokers, we would be interested to hear from our readers about your experience of investing with ZuluTrade. What trading profit did you achieve with this social trading platform? Which strategies do you find the most interesting and why? Which ZuluTrade brokers can you recommend to our community and why? Please share your feedback in a comment section below or just reach out directly to us. We’d love to hear from you! 

For more information on the world largest social trading platform, please read our comprehensive ZuluTrade review.

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