The List of Best Bitcoin Robots 2020

Since we launched our site,, we have been on the mission to educate our readers about investing in the cryptocurrencies and reviewing different Bitcoin trading platforms that are currently available on the crypto market. One of the most popular platforms among individual investors are automated trading platforms, also known as crypto trading robots. We have already prepared a series of reviews where we provided an independent opinion on the various Bitcoin robots available. But if you want to trade Bitcoins, it might be difficult to navigate this crowded space, that’s why we prepared this article to explain what are the best Bitcoin Robots that are currently available to the individual investors, how they work and what is the difference between them. 

Another important question is what profit can you make when trading  with  our selection of the best Bitcoin robots. So are you interested? If the answer is positive, then continue to read to find out… 

Which automated trading bot made the list of the Best Bitcoin Robots? 

In our series of reviews of automated trading systems and crypto robots, we have tested over 30+ different platforms currently present on the cryptocurrency market. Some of these platforms were good, others were alright and some were a total scam. To save your time, we have prepared this best Bitcoin robots review so you can go with the best platforms. 

So, based on our expert reviews and trading experience, the 3  best Bitcoin robots are Bitcoin Revolution, Ethereum Code and Bitcoin Evolution

With these Bitcoin robots, you can start investing in cryptos and trade Bitcoins on autopilot generating 3-5% in trading profits per day.  That can add up to a healthy 40-60% in monthly return on your capital and from the feedback that we are getting from the crypto investment community these numbers are pretty achievable. Of course, some can report considerably higher returns if they use leverage. But if you take too much risk, you can also lose a lot so we encourage our readers to invest carefully. 

We also highly rate HaasBot as one of the best Bitcoin robots, but it is an automated trading software that works with Bitcoin exchanges and we also will cover it in this article but separately.  

How do the best Bitcoin robots work and how do they differ? 

All three Bitcoin robots that we mentioned (Bitcoin Revolution, Ethereum Code and Bitcoin Evolution) work on the same principle and are affiliated with CFD brokers. We have written a separate piece on the difference between automated trading platforms and automated trading software which you can read here. So the top 3 best Bitcoin robots are automated trading platforms and HaasBot is automated trading software. 

One of the main advantages of investing in cryptos with this selection of best Bitcoin Robots is that you don’t need to have prior investment experience or know how technical analysis works. These automated trading systems are designed for individual investors who want to generate passive income and trade Bitcoins on a side to and want to make some money.  Trading robots are not new and have been popular among individual investors trading Forex. Unlike investing in equities or bonds, Forex trading is more speculative activity where investors try to profit from short-term price moves. Traditional currencies in general, and digital in particular, are volatile and usually their price moves within a certain corridor and such moves are driven by various factors. Usually investors apply technical analysis when trading Forex, and based on certain mathematical formulas and technical indicators, they are able to predict the short-term price moves. The more accurate your predictions are, the more profitable your trading strategy would be, so most of the creators of automated trading systems and trading robots constantly work on improving their trading algorithms. 

All the best Bitcoin robots employ sophisticated trading algorithms that have been used by professional traders and try to adopt them so they can be used by individual investors too. One of the main differences is that professional traders can be using leverage a lot but you really need to have proper risk systems to do that and generally understand very well what you are doing. Bitcoin robots that are used  by individual traders also can use leverage but not as high as professional traders would do. 

bitcoin revolution review

These best Bitcoin robots are run on proprietary trading algorithms which are not disclosed to its users. Many Bitcoin robots also deploy machine learning to improve the efficiency of its trading algorithms. There is nothing wrong in this approach as developers simply don’t want to disclose their trading secrets to the competition. Such Bitcoin robots only work with the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and some others. These robots are producing Buy and Sell recommendations and also automatically execute these orders via the brokerage platform but the investors have full control over trading where they can set the key parameters as minimum trade size, daily take profit and stop loss, profit target per day, daily loss limit, as well as the maximum number of daily and concurrent trades. 

Most of our selection of the Bitcoin robots will work with a selected number of the CFD brokers active in the crypto market and will automatically connect you to the best available broker in your jurisdictions. These brokers would be regulated in their respective jurisdiction with most of them headquartered in the European Union. The client onboarding usually is done very quickly and you can complete the due diligence in a matter of minutes by uploading a copy of your passport and proof of address. 

When it comes to the Bitcoin robots, these platforms will allow you to deposit in multiple currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP or others which you can transfer using one of the popular payment methods such as debit or credit card, bank wire, PayPal or others. Depending on the method you choose, it takes from a few minutes to 2 days for the funds to land in your account. 

The minimum deposit requirement is usually around $100 for most of the best Bitcoin robots and you can start trading with $10 per trade. In some cases, if you use leverage you can increase your trading positions and return on investment, but you need to be careful when using leverage and manage your risk properly. 

How Much Money I can Make with Bitcoin Trading Bots? 

When it comes to choosing the crypto trading bot, what everyone is interested in is what trading profit one can make. Of course, the trading results would be very different for each trading platform but with these best Bitcoin robots, you can easily expect to make 3-5% in daily profit. Of course, not every trading day will be profitable and there will be days when you will be losing money. That is why it is important to use daily stop loss to make sure you don’t lose a lot in one trading day. All the best Bitcoin robots are designed to make a large number of small trades and the goal is to make more winning ones then losing ones, on average. In times of a strong one-directional market trend, automated trading strategies might not perform very well and that is why you will always have an option to resume trading until the markets rebound. Some of the best Bitcoin robots have trade accuracy of 70-80% on average which is a pretty good result meaning you will have winning trades 70-80% of the time. 

One of the interesting features available from our list of the best Bitcoin trading robots is a free demo account. With a demo account, you can trade Bitcoin using virtual cash risk-free but in real-time market conditions using the same trading strategy. This could be a good way to familiarise yourself with algorithmic trading strategies before committing real money to the account. If the strategy doesn’t perform, you will simply leave and never come back, but if you like the performance you can deposit funds and start trading. 

When completing the Bitcoin Revolution trading robot review, we have been trading for about 4 hours and have made $2,350 in trading profit. That was a very good trading result and that is why the Bitcoin Revolution is considered to be one of the best Bitcoin robots.  

bitcoin revolution review - trading results

The main advantage of selection of best Bitcoin robots is that they are very easy to set up and start trading, with a due diligence process taking only a few minutes. That is why they are so popular among individual investors with little experience and those who are only starting to trade Bitcoin and are making their first steps in trading. 

HaasBot – the best-automated trading software

Another popular Bitcoin trading bot on our list of the best bitcoin trading bots is HaasBot, which works as software together with Bitcoin exchange and not a broker platform. HaasBot is designed for professional traders and offers sophisticated analytical tools available both via desktop application as well as the web-based cloud. HaasBot allows you to design and back-test trading strategies of your own, and also use strategies developed by others. HaasBot robot is not affiliated with any CFD broker but works with multiple Bitcoin exchanges that can be connected to the robot via an API. You can invest in any cryptocurrency that is available on the cryptocurrency exchange and implement all the available trading signals and technical indicators when developing your strategy. But while HaasBot is considered to be one of the best automated trading software, you will need to have good technical knowledge and skills to be able to trade Bitcoin with this Bitcoin robot.

HaasOnline - The world's most advanced automated crypto trade bots

Which of the best Bitcoin robots should I choose? 

After reading our overview of the best Bitcoin robots you must be thinking – so what trading system should I use? In order to make the best choice you really need to answer one question – how much time are you willing to dedicate to Bitcoin trading and learning about it? 

If you are committed to trade Bitcoin professionally and are prepared to dedicate time to learning the trade, the best option would be an automated trading software such as HaasBot. This is one of the most sophisticated trading software currently available on the market and it will allow you to implement any automated trading strategy that you want. It also works with multiple Bitcoin exchanges where you can trade hundreds of other altcoins as well. You can design your automated trading strategy from scratch or use a library of pre-built solutions which you can then customize. With HaasBot you can also run a full back test and see how your strategy would have performed in the past in certain market conditions. But trading with HaasBot required good technical skills and knowledge of investment strategies so you have to be prepared to learn that. If you are interested to learn more about this Bitcoin robot you can read this HaasBot review. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have prior investment experience and don’t want (or can’t afford) to spend much time learning the trade, the best Bitcoin robot for you would be one such as Bitcoin Revolution, Ethereum Code or Bitcoin Evolution. As we explained before, these Bitcoin robots are ideally suited for beginner investors and don’t require you to have any technical skills. Their automated trading strategies are customizable to the extent to suit your risk profile or investment style but you won’t be able to change the strategy itself. You will have to rely on the algorithms but you can always see how they would perform in a free demo account. With such Bitcoin robots you can open an account with a minimum $100 deposit and start investing at $10 per trade. So if you are making your first steps in trading, go with Bitcoin Revolution or choose another bot from our list and when you get more familiar with automated trading, you can switch to HaasBot. 

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